Starting off Swinging

This morning I decided I was going to get back into my early morning workouts.  I set my alarm and made myself get up a little earlier to get a quick workout in before work.  I have a longer workout scheduled but decided to just do something little before work and then do my regular workout after work.  So today will be a double day for me.  Here’s what I did:


It was a good wake up workout for sure.  I followed it up with a good breakfast and a nice shower and got myself all ready for work.  It’s supposed to be a really hot day today so I wanted to wear something cool.  C and I decided it would be a perfect day for sundresses.  I have one that is new that I haven’t had a chance to wear so I busted that out.


I love when days start off with a workout and a great outfit.  It just makes the day that much better and it starts off right.  I carefully packed all my snacks last night and entered them in MFP right after I packed them.  I had a different breakfast than my usual today and tried GF Rice Krispies with almond milk and protein powder instead of regular milk (I used chocolate) and some raspberries.  I had been craving cereal so bad so was happy to find a way to make it work into my plan and I really enjoyed it.  The only thing was I didn’t find it as filling as my usual breakie of turkey bacon and an egg.

Lunch was mixed greens with chicken, roasted veggies and turkey bacon. I had prepped it all last night with my chicken fried rice recipe and then just threw it on the greens for lunch.  No dressing needed either.


After I left work I started feeling SO tired.  I was on my way to pick C up and I started feeling so droopy eyed when I was driving.  All I could think about was laying down on the couch as soon as I got home.  I knew I had a workout planned that I really didn’t want to skip.  My coach sent me some workouts that target specific areas and today I had my first one planned.  I got home and got changed and set up in the kitchen to do the workout.  OMG it was killer!  The whole thing will take about an hour total, with the warm up, the weights and the cardio.  I was supposed to do three rounds of the cardio post weights but honestly after just one I was DONE.

my coach might be trying to kill me
my coach might be trying to kill me

Then it was time to make dinner.  I had scheduled in Brinner for us.  After looking at my macro’s it looked like I had lots of carbs left.  I made a batch of berry protein pancakes and worked my macros to see if I could add some bacon because I was craving it.  I was able to add in three pieces of turkey bacon and some more strawberries on top.

AMAZING.  I can't even begin to describe how much i enjoyed this dinner.
AMAZING. I can’t even begin to describe how much i enjoyed this dinner.

I LOVED this dinner.  so, so much.  I checked my macros again and I still had some room to add some fat and some carbs.  So I played around and calculated that I could have a rice cake with one tablespoon of peanut butter on it.  It was a nice dessert treat.  I think I may be getting the hang of the IIFYM.  I still need to play around with it some more to really get it but it’s going better than I thought.  When I first started it I was super intimidated by it, so we will see how it goes.  It’s kind of exciting for me!

I also got another wedding delivery today which was super fun.  We got our cake topper in the mail today!  I have ordered a whole bunch of wedding things from Etsy and they are starting to trickle in which is really exciting to come home to.  The cake topper is perfect.  I love how it turned out!

That’s all I have for today’s excitement, it’s time to get comfy and watch some trash tv for the rest of the evening.  Night friends!


Do you shop on Etsy?

It’s amazing for unique wedding ideas.  I have ordered a whole bunch of things from there and they have all been awesome when I got them.


Did you get a workout in today?  Was it morning or after work for you?

Today was a two a day for me!


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