Here’s to Four Years

Today marks a very special day for me.  It’s my four year anniversary with J.  I don’t really know how we settled on August 27th as our anniversary.  We started dating in July at some point, and had been talking long before that.  But I think August 27th is somehow when we made it official.

Where do I begin with my feelings for J.  He is everything I could ever want in a partner.  He has my back always.  He makes me laugh SO much.  He is so caring and I never have to question his love for me.  He is wonderful with my little girl, and we have formed a beautiful family.

this sums it up
this sums it up

After my divorce I was pretty skeptical that I would ever meet someone I would marry.  I was sure I wouldn’t get married again and was totally ok with it.  Then I met J.  Let me tell you that I did not make it easy on him.  I was NOT going to go out with him.  We started chatting and I refused many invitations, but there was something about him that I just couldn’t stop chatting with him.  He was fun to talk to and he made me laugh.


J is a very hard worker.  He works long, weird hours at the farm.  He never says no when people ask him for help with things.  I feel safe with him and so comfortable.  I am a worrier and he helps me take it down a worry notch and relax.  I can totally be myself around him.


This anniversary is exciting because after this one, we start over.  We will start counting our wedding anniversary.  In less than three months I will marry the love of my life.  I can say this with great confidence that J is 100% the love of my life, the love I was meant to find, and the love I could not imagine life without.

IMG_6309It’s so funny how life’s paths lead us in different directions.  If I never had my first marriage, I never would have ended up where I am today.  I don’t have regrets, in fact I am thankful for those experiences because they have taught me what true love is and led me to the man of my dreams.


Happy Anniversary my love.  Here’s to many, many more.  I love you, and can’t wait to marry you.



How long have you been with your significant other?


Do you celebrate your anniversary of dating?

We don’t usually do anything major for it, maybe a nice dinner or something.


2 thoughts on “Here’s to Four Years

  1. Aww! Can’t wait for you to tie the knot! My husband have been together for 7 years and married for 4. Our wedding anniversary is the same as our dating one (we got married on our dating anniversary to make things easier to remember for my man. He’s bad with dates!) As for celebrating, if we’re not working, we might try to go out for dinner or smtg small with the girls.

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