A Few Days of Workouts


Wednesday was another CrossFit class as my scheduled workout.  I went to the 5:15 and it was a really fun group.  There were also several new people there for their second class.  My coach used me as the demo for the lifts and it actually felt really nice, thinking I actually do know what I am doing.  One of my bestie’s was there too and we were partners for the wod which was fun.


5 x 3 push press with a pause in the dip

I worked up to 80 lbs,  We didn’t use a rack so we also had to clean this weight.


WOD- with partners

100 front squats

75 push press

50 burpees

Partner one worked on the above, while partner two did a parking lot sprint and a 30 s wall hold.  Then when they were done they took over the lifts and the other partner switched off to the running and the wall holds.  There was a 17 min cap on this wod, and we had 6 burpees left to finish so I finished them off so we could at least say we finished it.

When I got home I began to get my dinner ready and I was having trouble coming up with a meal that would work with my macros for the day.  I guess I over did it with the carbs earlier in the day and didn’t have much left to work with for dinner.  I ended up with the most random dinner.  I had a one scoop protein shake,  and then one turkey sausage and some cucumber that I tossed in balsamic vinegar and Mrs. Dash.  I threw a little hot sauce on the sausage.  It actually was a delicious dinner despite the fact it was so poorly planned and random.  I took the time Wednesday night to better plan out all of Thursday’s meals so they fit in my macro’s and they will all be enjoyable.

Thursday I went to CrossFit again because Saturday it is closed for cleaning, so I wanted to get my third CrossFit workout in.  I have decided to just do it three times a week and do workouts on my own for the other training days.  It was a really fun group and there were a lot of us there.


My favourite- deadlifts!

5 x 3 sets- I worked up to 155 lbs.


4 rounds

1 min KB swings (I used 12 kgs)

30 s plank

1 min box jumps

30 s side plank

1 min OH lunges

30 s side plank

1 min sit ups

30 s V Sit

This wod was wayyyyy harder than it sounds.  I was killed after two rounds.  But of course, pushed through and got it done and left feeling pretty amazing.

progress?  maybe a little
progress? maybe a little

I went home and had my dinner and then worked on prepping for today’s meals.  This macro stuff sure can be confusing, but it is getting a little easier.  Today I woke up feeling a bit lighter than I have all week.  I have felt super bloated but felt a little better today.  I think I have finally worked off all that beer from the wedding last weekend.  I got up a little early (not early enough!) to do a round of cardio that was scheduled for today’s workout.  I wanted to do the cardio before work and the weight training after work.  I started with some skipping and something very sad happened.

my favourite rope broke!
my favourite rope broke!

It was sad for me because that is the rope I use all the time!  It’s the perfect length!  My coach gave it to me.  I will have to find out where to get another one.  I have tried every rope in the gym and no other worked for me other than this one.  Another thing about today’s workout is I did it outside and it was not very warm when I started off.  It definitely felt chilly.

started in long sleeves!
started in long sleeves!

I did the workout outside because with all that jumping it would be loud and annoying in the house.  Plus I would rather be outside.  I worked out in our back yard area and this was my view.

not too shabby
not too shabby

I did only two rounds of my scheduled three because I was feeling nervous about the time.  I should have gotten up earlier and made more time for myself.  As it was I was rushed getting myself and C ready, and ended up with a random breakfast of turkey bacon, strawberries and a shake.  Not my usual bacon and eggs but it worked.  I plan to do the weight training part of my workout after work tonight.  Today is going to be arm day for me.

Happy Friday!  I hope it goes by quickly for everyone!


What’s your workout today?


Tell me something exciting about your weekend?

J and I are going out to celebrate our anniversary tomorrow.  ❤





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