Long Weekend Loving

This is one of my favourite weekends of the year.  Labour Day long weekend.  It’s sad because it sort of marks the end of Summer, which this Summer sucks even more because we haven’t had much of one anyway.  But it also marks the beginning of more routine in my life which generally looks pretty good on me.  The one thing that goes along with routine that I don’t really love is all the extra curricular activities C is in will start back up.  The break has been pretty wonderful really.  She does really enjoy them though, so that’s why we do it.

Friday I was supposed to do my weights workout after my early morning cardio session.  However, I didn’t feel super motivated when I got home.  I left work a little early and decided it would be a good opportunity to get my groceries done and out of the way.  So that’s what I did.  I figured I had plenty of time over the long weekend to get those workouts in.  J made the most delicious dinner.  We had steak and also grilled up some zucchini and red peppers and served it up alongside some sweet corn.

I can't even with this.
I can’t even with this.

Saturday morning I got up and made myself a shake and a light snack.  I wanted to save my breakfast for post workout.  I was missing my usual Saturday morning CrossFit session, with the gym being closed for the weekend.  I decided to set up my own gym outside.


I did a complete arm and shoulders workout that my coach sent me and it was really good.  I loved that it was working specific muscle groups.  Usually my weights are an all over workout, or with CrossFit we don’t know what we are doing, so I don’t think I do enough to target those specific groups.  I definitely will keep these home workouts up to target those muscle groups.  Then I finished it off with three rounds of cardio that lasted about 20 minutes.  The whole workout was almost an hour.  I did it all outside and felt really awesome when I was done.  I made myself a delicious post workout meal of protein pancakes and turkey bacon that really hit the spot.

got my sweat on
got my sweat on

C went to her Grandma’s for the day and for the night and J and I used the time to run some wedding errands.  We are working on finalizing and getting the invitations printed.  I was on a mission to find envelopes and sadly wasn’t able to find the ones I had in mind.  I also have a craft project I will be doing for the wedding too so we had a trip to Michael’s to look for that stuff.  J wasn’t a big fan of Michael’s but he was a good sport.  We were a little rushed because he had to get home for chores so I brought him home and ended up going back out to a few more places.  Then I got home and did some online research for envelopes but no luck.  I guess it’s boring white envelopes.  We are going to try and get them creative in another way.

After J got home we got dolled up – I wore a cute dress but there’s no proof of it, and we went out to celebrate our anniversary with dinner.

date night.
date night.

We went to a newer place we had heard a lot of good things about called the Aberdeen Tavern.  Oh. My. God.  It was really good.  I had been excited about date night for a couple reasons.  One was because I hadn’t had a lot of time with J over the past week, and the next couple weeks will be even worse.  Second, it was my cheat meal.  I was ready to E-A-T.  We got appetizers and got a short rib poutine and meatballs that our waiter recommended.  The poutine was incredible.  I could have been done there, I was so full off of that.  My entre was a filet mignon with scalloped potato’s and creamed spinach.  I didn’t love the spinach but J did and I loved his cabbage so we traded.  The filet was really good.  Then we finished with a trio of Crème Brule’s.  This dessert was so good.  There was one that was mixed berry, a classic vanilla and our favourite was the peach.  We were both so full.

scenes from our meal
scenes from our meal

It was a really nice night together.  A perfect celebration.

I slept in this morning and got up and made breakfast.  I had an egg and turkey bacon and a piece of Ezekial toast.  It was really good.  Then I got sorted and went for a run.  I decided to do my weights workout tomorrow and run because it had been awhile since I ran.  It was hot out so I thought I would do 3km but once I got going and found my groove I decided to keep going and just do the 5 km.  It felt great and I did my HIIT sprints and finished in just under 30 minutes.  I was so hot and sweaty when I got done.

glow sounds nicer than sweat
glow sounds nicer than sweat

This afternoon we had to go back to Michaels and exchange something and while we were out we went out for lunch.  We went to Kelsey’s and I tried the Korean chicken lettuce wraps.  I really enjoyed them.  Then we just chilled and I even snuck a little nap on the couch for a bit.  It was perfect.  It’s now time for meal prep and family hang out time.  I am really relaxed knowing we have another full day of the weekend ahead of us tomorrow.  It will be more relaxing and some back to school prep.

How are you spending your long weekend?


Do you like routine as much as I do?

I may like it just a little bit TOO much.




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