Treat Yourself

My last post talked about progress and how it takes time. I’ve been really dedicated to my nutrition and my workouts the last 14 weeks. That being said. I still treat myself. I think it’s important that I can still allow myself a treat once in awhile and not feel guilt about it.

The difference is that I really think about the choices I make and decide how badly I want the treat and if it’s worth it. I plan my cheat meals around our plans so they fit in when we are out for dinner or out with friends. So I honestly can say I don’t feel like I’ve missed out on anything.

I think this is what makes it more sustainable for me. It’s not one of those plans where you cut something totally out for say 30 days and then you are done and just go back to the way you were before. All your results you saw will be gone super quickly doing that.

feeling confident and loving my new shirt
feeling confident and loving my new shirt

I decided Tuesday would be a rest day given our busy schedule. C had skating so I didn’t have a lot of time to get a workout in. Given I have worked out or ran the past 4 days in a row I figured it worked out well to rest. When I got home from work I felt like doing something though. I decided to just do some ab work as a way to move a little and still rest my arms and legs. I put together a little wod.

I finished it off with a V sit with a 100 count and a max hold plank.

Then I headed out the door to pick up C. Today was a rainy gloomy day and I decided I was going to treat myself with a Chai Latte which I haven’t had in ages. It was a perfect treat for watching skating at the arena.


J did some extra grilling Monday night so there was no stress for dinner and we had it already prepared for our arrival home from skating. We just warmed it up and it was a delicious dinner.

he's got mad grilling skills
he’s got mad grilling skills

I am a lucky girl having such an awesome cook as my fiancé.  I had some leftover steak left for lunch so I cooked up some mushrooms and peppers and through it in with some of the leftover quinoa from Monday’s dinner.  It made for a perfect lunch portion.  The rest of the night was spent relaxing and watching New Girl and Mindy.

This morning marked the beginning of October and for me and a couple friends the beginning of the October burpee challenge.  If you need a refresher you can find it here.   I have plans this evening so I knew I had to get it in this morning.  Today’s challenge was just 5 burpees, 5 push ups and 5 squats.  Me and my big mouth decided that it wasn’t enough, so I suggested to the girls that we make it 5 rounds.  So I got up bright and early and did that before work.  It only took me 4 minutes to get the 5 rounds in… so really there’s no excuse in finding time to do a little workout.

Tonight is exciting because my parents are coming for a visit.  We are all going, along with J’s parents, to the venue where we are having our wedding for a menu tasting.  We will get to try samples of all the options and I cannot wait.  It’s going to be so delicious!!!!

I hope you are all having a great day and why not join in on the burpee challenge??


Are you going to do your burpees?

It’s not that bad, but the end of the month won’t be fun.


Favourite meal you’ve had at a wedding?

Mine was at a friend’s late night table where they had a poutine buffet!!!  Amazing!





It Takes Time

Monday came and went without too much of a commotion for me.  I always dread it but it wasn’t too bad this week.  Maybe I shouldn’t fear it’s wrath so much and just embrace it.  I will make an honest effort but I don’t think it will happen.  Anyhoo- after work I made it to CrossFit which was a bonus because I didn’t expect it to work out with my schedule but luckily it did.  We started with the WOD first and did the SWOD after to change it up a little.


12 min AMRAP

5 strict press

5 strict pull ups

5 burpees

I used 45 lbs for the strict press and for the pull ups I used the blue band.  I had the green set up but didn’t need to use it.  Definite progress there.  And the burpees felt like nothing.  5 at a time seemed not too painful.  I am afraid to say easy because I will curse myself for future.  Speaking of burpees I came across this yesterday on pinterest and I suggested it to my sister and I think we are going to try it.

sounds like torture near the end of the month...
sounds like torture near the end of the month…


Who want’s to join in with us?  I know it’s a silly question because burpees are mean mean things but they give great results.  We will become better and stronger for having done it.  right?

After the gym I got home and did some tidying up and got dinner going.  I was craving something hearty and that I could eat with a spoon.  Weird right?  I decided to make one of my recipes from my meal plan that I hadn’t made in awhile.  The final product was delicious.

Spicy Quinoa Bowl
Spicy Quinoa Bowl

So simple and so tasty.  And did I mention very healthy?  I made enough for our dinner and then another portion for lunch today.  It’s the perfect day for it too as it’s a gloomy rainy day.  After dinner I decided I wasn’t going to do anything, no laundry, no wedding tasks… just relax.  J and I did just that and then headed to bed early.

This morning I was getting dressed and put on a pair of pants I hadn’t worn in awhile and I was shocked to see they felt big.  The waist was baggy and I almost needed a belt.  I have been seeing so many changes lately.  It’s funny how it is so slow at first but then the changes and the progress just happens all at once.

progress is such an amazing feeling
progress is such an amazing feeling

I am so excited for my next wedding dress fitting.  I can’t wait to see the difference in how it fits.  I am loving how things look on me and how confident I feel.  The best part is that it feels permanent and sustainable.  Not just a quick fix.  I can do this, it’s become a lifestyle.  I am on week 14 of my plan.  I have stuck with this for 14 weeks!!!  I have never followed through before like I have with this and that’s an amazing feeling.

so true
so true

I don’t plan on just eating crap again after the wedding.  Don’t get me wrong.  I will indulge and I will enjoy myself.  But then I will get back to it and save the indulgences for when I really want them, not just because they are there, or because I am too lazy to put the time into meal prep.

I like where I am at and am really excited about where I am heading.  If you are trying to get healthier and get back on track let me give you two words of advice- DON’T QUIT.   You WILL see results and it WILL be worth it.


How do you stay motivated and on track?


Do you want to try the burpee challenge?


Just Keep Going

As I sat down to put together this weekend recap post I realized just how awesome of a weekend I had.  I am a lucky lady to have such awesome people to spend my weekends with, and we had a ton of fun.  It starts off Friday, I went to CrossFit after work and we did some deadlifting and the wod was a combo of manmakers and double unders.  I am happy to report that I actually strung together 3 double unders!  I was a happy girl.  When I got home we went to the mall to order our wedding bands.  We ate dinner in the food court and we ate the most unhealthiest of meals and pretty much felt sick for the rest of the evening.  That was a big fail.

Saturday morning meant another round of CrossFit where we did a team challenge wod.  It had a team of three.  One did a heavy carry, and while they were out one did back squats (we used 65 lbs) and the other did push ups.  After all that lifting during the week my legs were really feeling it.  The rest of the day involved a trip back to the mall where I stumbled across some great deals in one of my favourite stores.  Then we got ourselves ready for the Keith Urban concert here in Hamilton at the new stadium that was built.  Keith is C’s favourite singer so she was pretty exciting.  Having seen him before I was excited too because he puts on an amazing show.

we had a blast.
we had a blast.

It was a late night for us all.  This morning C and I got to sleep in a bit, poor J had to work.  He surprised us by bringing us home breakfast and a tea for me.  After we ate and relaxed a little more, C was off to spend the day with her grandma and I decided to set out on the run I had scheduled myself.  I was ambitious and decided to do a 10km run.  I planned the route and it worked out to 10.5 so perfect.  I didn’t acknowledge how hilly it was or how warm it was outside.  It was a tougher run than I had thought it would be.  I was struggling about halfway and my sister in law was sending me inspirational texts to help encourage me and it really did help.

scenes from my run
scenes from my run

Another encouraging thing was the song “Take Me to Church” by Hozier.  It came on and I had an awesome pace for the last 1km or so.  I am really digging that song right now.  I sing along but don’t know the words lol.  I got home and got a tall glass of ice water to cool off.  Then I spent some time foam rolling.  After my shower and organizing myself, I made this delicious post run protein waffle and treated myself to a few slices of turkey bacon with it.


It totally made it worth it and I was glad I kept going.  I will be sure to foam roll a few more times throughout the day so my legs aren’t too sore and tight tomorrow.  I have a pretty busy work week ahead of me so gym time might not happen so much for me.  I may have to get creative with my gym scheduling.

I hope you are all having an awesome weekend!


What was the last concert you went to?


What workouts did you get in this weekend?






Maxin’ and Relaxin’

Well hello!  Here we are friends, it’s Friday eve!  It’s a great day over here…. I think I am still on a high from my workout last night where I kicked some serious ass (if I do say so myself).   I hit up CrossFit after work and there was just three of us there.  We started with SWOD where we were working to find a one rep max of our push press and then our back or front squat and obvi I picked back squat.  I started with my push press and I pressed 105 lbs.  I loaded the bar with 5 more and thought I would attempt to press 110 lbs.  No luck.  I tried three times and was close but I didn’t get it.  I was happy with the 105 lbs though.  The girls in the class with me were newer and the one commented to me she couldn’t believe a tiny thing like me could lift so much weight.  It made me feel awesome and strong… and it shows what a long way I have come in the 2.5 years I have been lifting.

there's nothing like that feeling of lifting heavy.  I love it.
there’s nothing like that feeling of lifting heavy. I love it.

I moved on to my back squat, still a little bummed I didn’t get that press, but moving on.  I worked up to 145 lbs where I did it but it was an ugly lift.  I didn’t think it counted.  I wanted to quit but my coach said I should try again.  I get nervous squatting heavy because of my prior injury, but he was going to spot me so I felt more safe.  I tried again and I nailed it.  It was a perfect squat.  If anything he said I squat lower than necessary.

Then we moved on to the workout.  When he told us what it was I thought it sounded easy and boring.  Haha.  That was my first mistake.  The easiest sounding wod’s are always the worst and I should know better.


EMOTM- 12 min

5 push ups

20 sit ups


My abs were on fire during and after this.  Once I started after a couple rounds I realized this was no easy workout and I really underestimated it.

feeling awesome
feeling awesome

I got home and everything felt sore.  It’s unusual to know right away how sore you are going to be.  During the evening my arms felt sore and so did my abs.  After laying on the couch later in the evening and then getting up I realized how tight my legs had gotten.  I stood up and was like oh crap, tomorrow is going to suck. untitledSurprisingly it wasn’t so bad when I got up.  I definitely feel sore but not anything ridiculous.  I am happy that today is a rest day and I will just be relaxing these muscles of mine tonight.  In fact we have exciting plans to try out a new restaurant that a family friend just opened up.  So that’s how we will spend our Friday eve.  This weekend there is lots of excitement planned.  Stay tuned for that!

Do you like working to a one rep max when you lift?

I do occasionally but usually prefer sets.


Are you excited for anything for the weekend?


Just Going With It

I have been really enjoying running lately.  I am really up and down with it, and right now I am up.  I think it has something to do with the time of year and it being so refreshing and mind clearing for me.  It’s easy, just strap on my shoes and head out the door.  It’s also becoming a good compliment to my strength training.  Since I am enjoying it I figure keep going.  I have been loving the 5 km distance.  As I have mentioned many times, I use the HIIT timer and do sprints.  Well yesterday I decided I wanted to venture a little bit further and see how I do with something more than 5km.  Because why not right?

I decided I would do 8km and see how I felt.  It that felt good then maybe next time I will do more.  Since I have been eating better and strength training I am enjoying running more.  My endurance is better, my breathing is easier.  It just feels really good.  So I am just going with that.

feeling good after 8km
feeling good after 8km

I think it’s kind of nice to do it just because it feels good and I am enjoying it.  No pressure, no training schedule, just going when I want and deciding on the distance as I feel it.  I am not giving up anything to go either.  That was always my concern with training for another half marathon, would I have to give up CrossFit to do it?  But I have already scaled that back a little to do more spot specific strength training anyway, so I have the time.

I did the 8km and I felt like I could have gone further.  I was really enjoying it and I had a great pace going.  I finished in 50:35 which meant a pace of 6:19 per km which is pretty speedy for me when I am not racing.  I felt awesome.  I was pleasantly surprised to note that my IT band wasn’t sore and neither was my hip.  Winning.  Today my IT band is a little tender to touch but it’s not bothering me really.  I was a good girl and stretched and foam rolled after my run.

just rollin'
just rollin’

I also did a small ab workout of jack knives and side planks and of course a max hold regular plank because why wouldn’t I?   Just plank and hold.  Nothing to it.

plank love
plank love

It was a pretty great evening and I felt really relaxed despite a long day.  Nothing like a run to clear my mind.  I finished the night with some laundry and phone chats.  I chatted with my Mom for awhile and then had an unexpected phone date with my bestie L where we had a nice catch up.  It had been too long.

Hope your Wednesday is kicking ass so far.


What is your favourite way to relieve stress or clear your mind?

Running almost always helps but lifting heavy things is pretty awesome too.


Do you have any races coming up that you are training for?



Delivery and Dumbbell Snatches

This Monday was like most Monday’s for me, hard to get moving, wishing it was still the weekend.  And this past weekend was such a nice one, it was tough to get back to the real world.  But I tackled it head on and got through the day.  In the morning I started to notice some chest pain.  I have had this type of thing before but more often after a workout with a lot of pressing.  I hadn’t done that in the weekend’s workouts.  I did do my own arm workout on Sunday- perhaps my form was off for something with one of those movements.  At any rate, it was quite uncomfortable but I just popped some Advil and moved on.

I had a meeting at work that went late so I didn’t make it to my usual class at 4:15 but I was able to pick C up and get to the 5:15 instead.  One of the other regulars from the 4:15 must have had a similar day so she was there too.  Bonus!  We started with our warm up as usual and then worked on dumbbell snatches.  I have finally perfected these and feel good about them.  I like them actually.  I told my coach about my pain in my chest and he said since it wasn’t from pressing it was likely that a rib was out of alignment.  He pushed on my back and it actually helped.  He had me foam roll my back out and use the lacrosse ball on it as well and it seemed to help.


work to a 2 RM back squat

I worked to 125lbs which felt good.  Heavy, but good.  That’s a new max for me post injury so I was happy with that weight.


EMOTM for 12 min

5 D/B snatch each side

odd- bicycle crunch

even- sit ups

Halfway through this my chest pain got worse so I had to reroll and my coach pushed on my back again and it was better.  We decided I should just do presses for the rest of it because the snatch motion probably aggravated it with the twisting.  For this wod I used 20lb dumbbells.  I was happy with that weight, I usually would opt for the 15lb and thought, no you can do more than that.

When I got home I was happy to see I had another delivery waiting for me from one of my many wedding purchases from Etsy.  I think sadly this might have been my last one.  I better get back online and do some more shopping!  (I am just kidding J).


One thing I love about buying things from Etsy shops is the items are so personalized.  I always get these lovely notes with them and a personal touch from the sender.  This was a handmade shawl and I will definitely be sending her pictures and feedback.  It’s absolutely beautiful.

The rest of the night was kind of busy.  I made a quick dinner of tortilla pizza which we ate on the run and then J and I headed to the mall for a quick look at wedding rings.  We need to get that decision sorted out so we can make sure we have them in time for our big day.  The crunch is on.  I started to feel a little overwhelmed last night with stuff to get sorted and done before the wedding.  I am really hearing the clock ticking.  I think I need to formulate some type of plan or something on how I am going to get everything done.

Do you shop on Etsy?


How do you stay organized? 

I usually make lists and try and just work off of that.



A Cruel Joke and So Much Pie

This morning started off amazing.  I slept in nice and long which is my favourite way to start a Sunday.  I love taking that one day to just sleep in and relax.  Especially when J has the morning off.  It’s nice for us to both sleep in.  C slept in a bit longer as well, probably due to the late night at the fair from last night.  I got up and had a Poptart for breakfast and it was sooo yummy.  I haven’t had one of those in ages!  I intended on having a shake but the pop tart was there and C was having one so I figured what the heck.  I had scheduled myself a run and an arm workout this morning and I was not going to miss it.  Mother Nature was doing her best to mess with it.  It was raining, I was all ready and I could have so easily used the weather as an excuse but since I am always going on about “no excuses” I thought, nope, I am going.  What’s a little rain right?  It did start off as just a little rain… but literally after about 1 minute the skies opened up and it POURED.  Like, literally pouring rain.  It was coming sideways at first and I actually said out loud “are you kidding me!”.  I kept going.  I thought ok fine, I won’t do the full 5 km, I will just do a short 20 minute run.  I kept going and it kept pouring.  J texted me and asked if I wanted to be picked up and I seriously debated saying yes, but the rain had lightened a little and so I said no, it’s ok, I am halfway, I might as well keep going.

the angry skies
the angry skies

And of course, as soon as I said no thanks to the ride, it started pouring really hard again.  It was pretty much a steady hard rain for the rest of the run.  I did the full 5 km.  I figured what’s the point in quitting because of the rain?  I was already soaked so it couldn’t get much worse.  I got home and J had  a tea ready for me and greeted me at the door with a towel.  I then got right into my arm workout.  As soon as I started that workout I looked out the window and this is what I saw.

the skies.  are you kidding me?
the skies. are you kidding me?

It cleared right up.  What a joke.  I picked the nastiest part of the day to run.  But I felt really proud for not quitting and using the rain as an excuse.  It would have been really easy to say forget it and curl up with these guys.

so cuddly
so cuddly

I rewarded myself with a delicious breakfast of protein waffle (again) and some turkey bacon and mango.  It was really yummy and I devoured every bite of it.  Then we got ourselves ready for a lunch at J’s Aunt and Uncle’s house that was hosted in our honour for our upcoming wedding.  It was really touching that everyone was there for us.  I am a lucky girl to be joining such a wonderful and kind family.

on our way!
on our way!

The lunch was sooo yummy.  There was salmon, and ham, and salads, and delicious cheese buns.  I enjoyed everything so much.  By far the best part was dessert.  There was a selection of pies- cherry, peach, lemon meringue and homemade pecan.  I had such a hard time deciding I had 3 pieces!!!  I went for the cherry, peach and the pecan.  I can’t say which was the best… they were all soooo good.

It was definitely a weekend full of treats so in order to get myself back on track we did some prep work.  J grilled up steak and some chicken breasts and some zucchini.

he's the grill master
he’s the grill master

He grilled up a storm and everything was so good.  The best part was that we have the meat for the week to use.  I think tomorrow night will be chicken of some form.  I still need to plan my menu out.  I had the steak and zucchini tonight and packed a nice lunch for tomorrow that’s the same.


What an awesome weekend I had.  I feel so happy and content to have such great people in my life.  I am really looking forward to our wedding and celebrating with everyone.  Most importantly I am really looking forward to being able to call J my husband.  We have many years of happiness together to look forward to.  And he’s an incredible cook too so….there’s also that.


What did you do this weekend that you are excited about?


Running in the rain- love it or hate it?

I actually like it a lot, but more when it’s a nice light rain.  The torrential downpour’s not so much.