Taking It All In

Welp the last day of Summer has come and gone. We tried to make the most of it and squeeze in some fun in the sun. The day started with a nice lazy morning. I slept in, we went for a drive for a tea and breakie to bring to J.  I made mine at home.

Mexican Omelet
Mexican Omelet

Then I did a mountain of laundry so I could feel prepared for the busy week ahead. After a lot of laundry and relaxing with my tea in between folding it all, I then decided it was time to get moving and I wanted to get my workout in. J had a break from work so I started my workout with my cardio and did some HIIT sprinting for about 20 minutes. It was a nice run and I felt really good.

running scenes
running scenes

I got home and then set up for a back and abs workout from my coach.  It was my second time doing this one and it went a little smoother because I am more familiar with the moves and what comes when.  I was a hot mess when I was done but it felt great.  We made some lunch and got cleaned up and headed to our friends pool for a swim.  It was a really nice day out and was pretty hot.  It was nice to just kind of chill and relax around the pool.  We stayed for a couple of hours and then came home to get stuff organized for back to school.

Lunches are all packed.  Meals are prepped.  Laundry is done and folded.  C is tucked in with her hair in braids so she could have waves for the first day.  Her uniform is out and set out for the day tomorrow.  We are ready to tackle the first day with a vengeance.  We are hoping to have a good breakfast and not feel rushed on the first day.

After she was all tucked in J and I got to work and tackled another big project.  We stuffed all the invitations into envelopes and just need to get them addressed and then they are ready to go.  We formed an assembly line and it didn’t take as long as I thought it would.

there they are.  all stuffed and stamped
there they are. all stuffed and stamped

We are really making some serious progress.  I am glad J is so good at encouraging me to just go and do it.  I was saying, oh well we will have to stuff them one night, stamp them another etc, and he said, nope, let’s just do them right now.  And within an hour they are done and ready to get addressed and mailed out.  I should have them in the mail after tomorrow.  It’s nice that we are doing it together too because we just sat and hung out and got it done.  I am a lucky girl.

And that’s it for Labour day and the long weekend… just like that.  I think we really did our best to take in every last moment of it and enjoy the weekend.  I feel well rested and organized and ready to start September.


Are you feeling ready to face September and Back to School (for those with kids)?

C is really excited for the first day.



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