Falling Back Into It

It’s crazy how back to school hits and suddenly it’s like Fall is here.  Technically we still have 20 days of Summer left but it’s like Labour Day comes and goes and all of a sudden Fall is here.  It’s sad.  It doesn’t help that today’s weather is kind of crappy.  At lunch time it was grey and gloomy gus out.

The day started off pretty good.  I got up (a little later than  planned) and did a quick ab workout and then got ready.  C was so excited about the first day of school she was up and dressed and teeth brushed while I was still in the shower!  To say she was excited to go back to school is an understatement.  She looked adorable too.

Grade 3 look out!
Grade 3 look out!

I got myself to work and it was a busy day.  I got lots accomplished and managed to stay on track with my eating today.  I had a healthy breakfast as planned and this was my yummy snack.

Greek yogurt, protein powder, berries and almonds.
Greek yogurt, protein powder, berries and almonds.

I went out at lunch because I had to go to the post office for stamps.  I also ran quickly into the grocery store for one thing and it was crazy- I had to wait in line at each stop.  The post office line was HUGE but I really didn’t want to leave and go back after work, I was in the line so I was committed.  Then I went to Tim Horton’s to get myself and a coworker our caffeine fix and the line up was long there too!  Nuts.  I got back and ate the lunch I had packed.

taco salad and a corn tortilla
taco salad and a corn tortilla

After work I went to CrossFit.  I don’t normally go on Tuesday’s but the way my schedule is this week I am all over the place so I had to change up my nights a little bit.  C came with me and hung out and was so good and so patient.  Our workout was a killer one.  We started with strength.


3 x 10 back squats – I worked up to 85 lbs



30 front squats

30 mountain climbers

30 push press

30 sit ups

30 OH lunges

30 double unders

30 body rows

On it’s own it’s a pretty killer workout, but the kicker of it was that EMOTM we did 2 burpees.  The intent was to do 3 rounds but there was an 18 min cap.  I got through about one and a half rounds of this.  I used 45 lbs to start but dropped to 35 lbs after the front squats, it was so heavy.

I felt so good after this one
I felt so good after this one

C and I headed home and found J was home and we got dinner ready quickly as it was a later night.  However, for a quick dinner we ate like royalty.  It definitely didn’t seem like a thrown together quick meal at all.

steak, grilled peppers, sweet potato and corn.  Perfection.
steak, grilled peppers, sweet potato and corn. Perfection.

It was SUCH a good dinner.  I loved every bite of it.  After dinner I prepped lunches for myself and C and then there  was some relaxation and prepping the wedding invitations to get them ready to mail out.  EEEEEEEEEK!  It’s so much more real once the invitations go out.

It seemed the day was so easy and so “back to normal”.  Our schedules are falling back into place and C is so happy with school that it makes me feel really good.  It’s amazing how simple it is to fall back into habits and routine.


Do you feel like Fall is coming?


Are you happy for Fall to arrive?






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