Make It Happen

For a long time I have been one of those people that have intentions to do things, or intentions to start things but then life gets in the way and it doesn’t happen.  The same can be said with my nutrition.  I have wanted that flat tummy and that confidence in my skin for a loooong time and have been really up and down with my nutrition trying to achieve that.  I have the intentions to start on Monday, and things will be different this time.  It’s hard.  Food is delicious and you only live once.  For me I just had to get to that point where enough was enough and all that stuff became excuses.  If you want something- you have to make it happen.


I got to that point where I was like ok no, I do want to achieve this and I know it’s going to take some time, and I know it won’t always be easy, but I WANT THIS.  So that’s where I decided that I was going to start to work towards that goal and I wasn’t going to give up until I got there.  I hired an online nutrition coach that showed me how to eat properly and how to plan out my meals.  I learned when to eat certain things based on when I work out vs when I am resting.  I learned how to make a weekly meal plan and I stuck to that plan.  I started drinking more water.  A LOT more water.  I still have cheat meals, and I still have treats the odd time, but I do it when I really want to, not just because it’s there.  I also learned how to eat when I am hungry, not because I am bored or as a reward for something.

Then something amazing happened.  After a few weeks I started to see real results.  I felt amazing and I swear my tummy was shrinking.  So I kept it up.  I have been doing this plan for over 8 weeks, and now I have transitioned to doing IIFYM and counting my macros.  I now know how to put those recipes together on my own and figure if I want a treat, where to put it in my day and to leave some macros to account for the treat.  It hasn’t always been easy, and I haven’t been perfect.  I found with social events it was a challenge, and I would try to arrange my cheat meals around those events.  I have packed my food to take with me to events as well.  I cut down on alcohol A LOT.  I still have the odd drink, but again, because I want it, not just because it’s there and why not?

I used to think it was SO hard to stick to something, and I thought that there were too many obstacles, like events and being busy, that would get in my way and sabotage me.  After following this plan I realize the only thing sabotaging me was myself and that way of thinking.


Yesterday I had a tough day at work.  I had a hair appointment after work so I didn’t have a workout planned for the day.  I still got up and got my usual abs in.  After work I had about 40 minutes and I could have gone home and laid on the couch and wasted time away, but instead, I got dressed and went for a run for 20 minutes doing HIIT sprints so I could get some cardio in.  I came home and did tricep bench dips on the picnic table and went inside and did some kettlebell high pulls and some overhead presses.  It was just a quick workout, but it got me moving and I felt really good after.  There’s always time if you want it, the challenge is to make the time.

What works for me to be consistent is to schedule them.  When I sit down and make my meal plan I add details of when I will go to CrossFit and then on the other days work in my at home workouts.  I also account for any extracurricular stuff as well so we can eat/ work around that.  It’s a lot of planning and I am ok with that because I am a planner and I like having things all set out.  Sure things don’t always go as planned and I might have to change things around and that’s ok.

After my hair appointment I was really hungry.  I had planned to just make something quick like an omelet or something for dinner.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that J had made me dinner and it was waiting for me when I got home.  He even tried to make it as “macro friendly” as he could.  He did a great job and it was delicious!


It was a chicken and mushroom salad with some veggies and a toasted corn tortilla.  It was so good and the perfect dinner. I sure am a lucky girl to have J making me dinner and having it ready.  It was such a nice surprise and much better than boring eggs I had planned.


Do you preplan your meals and workout schedule?


How do you fit your workouts in and make it happen?





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