Working for the Weekend

Welp friends.  We made it.  The weekend is here.  Hallelujah!


For a short week it sure felt looooooong.  Now that it’s Friday we can let the fun and relaxation begin.  First let me fill you in on my Friday Jr though.  It was a regular work day, I treated myself at lunch to a pita and had a chicken breast pita for the first time in I don’t know how long.  It was delicious.  It was so good I scarfed it down without taking a photo.

Work finished and I picked up my girl and we went home to change.  Her into something more stylish than her uniform and me into gym clothes.  We had a couple stops to make before the gym.  The first was to the post office.  Did you know it costs $2.50 to send a letter to New Zealand?  You do now.  But- I digress- there was one man in line ahead of me at the post office counter.  I waited next to the sign where it said – “wait in line here”.  Pretty straightforward no?  Anyhoo, this woman comes up, stops, looks at me, looks at the counter and proceeds to stand at the counter very close to the guy already at the counter.  At first I think, oh ok they must be together.  But nope.  SHE WAS CUTTING THE LINE!!!  Who does that??  I was watching it unfold and playing it out in my head as to how to handle the situation.


I thought maybe she was still going to let me go ahead.  The guy at the counter kept looking over at me.  I think he was thinking are you going to do something about this?  I had all these scenario’s in my head on how I would address it and what I would say.  The guy finished and I went to approach the counter and the woman just swooped in and started talking to the woman at the counter.  I just kind of stood there.


I am still so mad at myself for not saying anything.  I mean, really it wasn’t a big deal.  I had lots of time, I wasn’t rushed but it’s just the principle.  It’s RUDE.  I did make comments like “oh I guess some people don’t have to wait in line”.  C even said “I thought you were next Mommy”.  Ugh.


Clearly I am not over it.  I need to just move on.  Next was CrossFit.  We headed there and I was there early enough to get a really good warm up and a really good stretch.  The wod had A LOT of running in it.  I was actually happy to see that because I felt like running, however my opinion on that changed really quickly.


8 min- 800m run, finish with goblet squats

6 min- 400m run, finish with bicycle crunches

5 min- 200 m run, finish with kettlebell swings

4 min- parking lot sprint, finish with push ups

* during the last 4 min, I got tired of push ups so I switched to plank and ended up hold planking for 1:35!!!  Impressive!

We headed home and I was at a loss as to what to make for dinner.  We had finished all the meat we had cooked up earlier in the week and I didn’t want to do any major cooking since I am heading to my parents for the rest of the weekend.  So for protein I went with old faithful and decided eggs was it for me.  I stopped at the farm and grabbed a cob of corn, and cooked up a sweet potato that J brought me home from the farmers market.  I wanted to my fried egg on sweet potato.  I checked the macros and I needed more protein but no more fat so I also cooked up 1/2 cup of egg whites.  I topped my corn with parmesan herb seasoning and added some salsa and voila.


Trust me it tasted way better than it looks in the picture.  The rest of the night was uneventful and included me pre cleaning and tidying because our cleaners come today.  Why do I always clean up before the cleaners?  My mom used to do that too.  I just like to put some stuff away where it goes or it gets put elsewhere and I end up tearing up the house to find it.

My weekend includes visiting with my parents and a shopping date with my mom at the outlets.  I am pretty excited about that.  I will get a workout in at CrossFit after work before I head there.  At 4pm this will be me.


Happy Friday friends!


What do you do when someone cuts in line in front of you?

I still wish I had said something.


Do you clean before the cleaners come? 



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