What Willpower?

This was an awesome weekend for many reasons.  We had a lot of family time which was really great.  I began the weekend with a Friday class after work at CrossFit.  I normally don’t go on Friday’s, because I go Saturday’s but since I knew I wouldn’t make it Saturday I decided I would do a Friday class and I was so glad I did.  Fridays we deadlift!


Sets of 5 deadlifts, when it gets too heavy to do 5’s switch to singles.  I worked to 5 reps at 145 lbs and then did up to 175lbs in singles.


EMOTM for 12 min
5 hang clean thrusters
3 man makers

It was definitely hard to get all those reps in each round.  I used 55 lbs for my cleans and 12 lbs for the manmakers.  When it got too heavy we just dropped a rep of the hang cleans and one of the manmakers.

I felt great after the class.  I picked up C and got showered and packed and we headed to my parents house for the night.  J is away for several nights and so I thought heading out of town might break up the week apart a little bit.  It was such a nice visit.  My mom made us a yummy dinner of ribs and I brought some sweet corn.  Dinner was so good I ended up having not just seconds, but thirds.  So much for that willpower I had been preaching about in my last few posts.  It really set the tone for the rest of my overindulgent weekend.

Saturday we got up and headed nice and early to the new outlet mall in Niagara on the Lake.  We had such a nice day and I did some major shopping.  I scored some major deals in Kate Spade, I got a new purse and many other things.  It was so fun.  Then we got lunch and I got something soooo gross.  I got McDonald’s!!!  OMG I haven’t had it in ages.  Definitely a MAJOR cheat meal.  I also indulged and got a Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks.  Something else I haven’t had in months.  I had told myself that I would get one of those with my Mom because she loves her Starbucks.  Dinner was healthy, we had steak with salad and veggies.

The nicest part of the weekend was getting to spend that one on one time with my Mom.  It doesn’t happen very often and I enjoyed every minute of it.

IMG_6403I came home after dinner and got home around 9pm.  I was so excited about my new purchases I put everything away right away.  In doing so, I decided to reorganize my closet.  I did my whole closet and came out with three large bags of clothes to donate.  It was kind of a weird time to do that but I had the urge so I went with it.

Sunday C and I got up and had breakfast.  I wanted to get back to my meal plan and make something healthy since I really needed to get back on track.


protein pancakes with sugar free syrup and a fresh peach.
protein pancakes with sugar free syrup and a fresh peach.

I headed to CrossFit for a class which is new.  We now have Sunday classes!  It’s perfect when I miss the Saturday class.  The class was a ton of fun.  Our coach decided that Sunday’s will be a fun class that’s more of a bootcamp style.  It was fast paced where we changed movements frequently and quickly.  It was really fun, we did lots of movements with the met ball including cleans and thrusters, and Russian twists and sit ups with the ball over head.  We also did the ladders on the floor and we did slam balls which I have never done and it was super fun.  The workout lasted about half an hour and it was a perfect way to get a sweat on and start off my Sunday.

The rest of the day was nice and relaxing.  I had a nice lunch and then C had a playdate.  I brought her there and then I went to get my nails done.  I went with a fall colour I have been wanting to do.  Black Cherry.  Then I did groceries for the week and came home and started my meal prep.  I made a butternut squash soup that made 7 servings.  I also made turkey burgers that will cover 4 meals for the week.


Dinner tonight was a turkey burger on a spinach salad with a homemade vinaigrette.  It turned out really good and I have the same thing packed for my lunch tomorrow as well.

so.  good.
so. good.

I am on track for a healthy week.  My menu for the week is laid out.  Lunch and snacks are prepped and ready to be packed tomorrow.  I have my workouts scheduled on the same plan so no excuses and time to stick with it.  I had a healthy day and was on the right track and then these happened.

oh. my. god.
oh. my. god.

C saw them and said oh those are so good, can we get them.  I can usually take or leave Oreo’s so why not?  Well I made the mistake of trying them and I instantly regretted that choice because they are SO good.  I ended up having two after my super healthy dinner.  That’s it.  I need to get the willpower I worked so hard to build up back.  Wish me luck this week.


Did you indulge this weekend?

I did with shopping and with some of my meals.

Did you prep for the week? 


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