V-Ups and Burpee Hell

Tuesday was a no gym day for me.  I wanted to go to CrossFit but I have been trying to limit it to three times a week.  I will probably make it four times when I can make it on a Sunday but as I mentioned in this post, it’s really different on Sunday’s.  It’s not as heavy.  So since I was taking the Tuesday off I had scheduled my own workout for after work.  While I was catching up on some blog’s on my lunch I came across one that had this image posted.


It inspired me and I decided that when I got home from work instead of my sprints as cardio I would do the “Death by Burpees” workout.  I don’t know why I got it in my head but I decided it would be a good idea.  I got home and changed and got right to it.  I have posted about this workout before here, but basically you do one burpee for the first minute, then 2 in the second minute and so on and so on.  I made it to the 12th minute and I got all 12 burpees in with 5 seconds to spare.  Usually the intent is to do it until you fail, which means I should have tried for 13 because I may have been able to do it.  But after that 12th round I was DONE.


I collapsed onto the couch and took a few minutes to catch my breath.  I still had my abs and back workout scheduled but I took a break to go and pick C up from her after school daycare.  When we got home I did the second part of my workout.  It’s a variety of movements that my coach put together to specifically target the back and abs areas.  The movements are killer and I do 4 sets of 12-15 of each of them.  One of the movements I do is V-Ups with a stability ball.  I love these.  Basically you hold a stability ball between your knees/shins and do a v-up passing the ball to your hands where you then bring it down over head.  Then you do a v-up to bring it back up and pass it back to your legs.  It’s a great exercise.  I definitely see a lot more of these happening in my lifetime.  My next mission is to research some more moves to do with that stability ball.  During the sets I kept trying to convince myself that I could just do 2 sets, and then 3 sets.  I wanted to stop so bad.  Same thing with the rounds of burpees.  It took so much mental strength to keep going.  I am finding the same with my eating.  Like maybe I have hit a plateau with it.  I am on week 12 of the plan which in itself is an incredible accomplishment.  I want to keep going until the wedding.  And really, just keep going with it indefinitely as I have learned a new way of fueling my body.  A lot of the things I used to want to eat I don’t miss, so that’s definitely something that I have noticed as an improvement.  I think I am just in a bit of a funk.  I have a pep talk planned with my coach today so I am hoping that helps.

I need to remember this
I need to remember this

For dinner I threw together a salad of cucumbers, tomato’s and spinach and I added in a fresh peach.  I used the vinaigrette I made the other night and added a tiny bit of feta I had left.  Then I topped it with a homemade turkey burger.  C had pizza and the smell of it was soooo good.  I stuck with my salad though.  I will confess I did eat one of her leftover crusts.  We ate dinner in the tv room and watched an episode of Cutthroat Kitchen.

fresh summer salad
fresh summer salad

The rest of the night was just kind of blah.  I went up to bed early and just hung out and played around on the IPad.  I was feeling kinda off, and mostly just lonely.  I miss J.  One more sleep until he is back.  C came in my room and I really think she was sleep walking.  It was super weird and kind of creepy.  She came in and was talking to me and I really don’t think she was fully awake.  She wasn’t making a lot of sense.  I let her sleep in my room for the night and it was nice to have the company.  Except she kicks a lot so she woke me up a few times.


How was your Tuesday night?  What was your dinner creation?


Do you ever volunteer for burpees?

I thought I had convinced my sister to do the death by burpees workout but I have a feeling she skipped out on me.




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