Friday Favourites

Hello friends and happy Friday!  It’s my favourite day of the week!


I thought I would take the opportunity to post about some of the things I have been really loving lately.  There’s been lots of things I just can’t get enough of and I figured I should share.  So here we go.

1. Etsy–  OMG if you are planning a wedding this can become a favourite website in a hurry.  I have ordered a ton of wedding stuff from here and I love it because it’s so unique and original.  I am currently waiting on three deliveries from shops and I am so excited to get them in.  If you are looking for neat and different ideas for gifts this is the place to look.

2. Selfies– these never get old for me.  But this week I resurrected a selfie a day with my best girl L.  We like to send each other selfie greetings just to keep it fun and exciting.  It also helps show off new shirts and hair styles.  Plus then I get a chance to see her smiling face at least once a day.  It’s like she never moved across the country.  Almost.  Ok not really but I find some comfort in it.

the highlight reel from this week's selfies
the highlight reel from this week’s selfies

3. The Side Braid– Talk about stylish and easy.  It’s the perfect style when you sleep in and were supposed to wash your hair and originally think oh it’s not bad I don’t need to but then a bit later you are like oh crap my hair feels gross I should have washed it.  Enter the side braid.  Done.

boom.  just like that.
boom. just like that.

4. This Song– I am so obsessed with I think is one of the most beautiful songs in the world.  Pink collaborated with Dallas Green for an album and I preordered it yesterday and I literally can’t get enough of this song.

please listen
please listen

You can hear it here.  It’s going to have to be incorporated into the wedding because I feel that shit in my soul.  Literally.  Tears when I hear it.  Ok. You get the point right?

5. Vance Joy– I mentioned how much I am loving this guy’s music awhile back but the whole album is now available and I have it on repeat (well when I am not listening to the song above).  The album is called Dream Your Life Away.  There are so many good songs on it.  My faves are Mess is Mine, Riptide, and Georgia.

so good
so good

So friends, there you have it.  Those are some of my current favourites.  Feel free to check them out and thank me below.  Kidding.  But not really.

Happy Friday!


What’s your current favourite music to listen to?


Selfies- are you a fan?








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