Pleasant Surprises

This has been such a wonderful weekend I wish it wasn’t almost over.  Friday after work I headed to CrossFit and had an awesome workout.  We did deadlifts for the strength wod and we did sets of 3 working to a max.  I got to 165lbs for 3 and it felt good.  Then the coach announced the workout and it did not sound like a fun one.  We did Jackie.  Ughhhhhhhhh.


1000m row

50 thrusters at 45 lbs

30 pull ups (I used a green band)

This wod was HARD.  I struggled for sure.  I did some of the reps of thrusters as push press because of my hip.  I was struggling.  My coach was cheering us on, me and another girl were struggling and he told us to “have faith in our awesomeness”.  It gave me a push to keep going.  I finished in 12 min and 57 seconds.  Not too shabby!!  We finished off with 100 sit ups.

We had a really nice evening celebrating my brother in law’s birthday at the Keg with a family dinner.  It was soooo yummy.  It was my cheat meal and I enjoyed it so much.  I got the prime rib dinner and we even got dessert- Billy Minor Pie.  Yummmy!

Saturday morning I got up and headed to CrossFit.  It was the team challenge wod and it was a ton of fun.  I love the partner or team wod’s and now our gym has them every Saturday.  We started with a strength wod and we picked a lift or a skill to work on.  I picked push pressing and worked on my one rep max.  I worked to 90 lbs.  It felt good, and I stopped there.  I didn’t want to overdo it.


AMRAP- 12 minutes

3 hang power cleans

5 front squats

3 burpees over bar

We used 65 lbs and got to 16 rounds



8 min AMRAP

10 OH lunges(each side)  each partner x 3 cycles *the partner holds the plate overhead while the other lunges

20 wall balls (10 each)

We used 10 lb plates, and a 10 lb ball and got 3 rounds


After the workout I got home and my parents were here.  We had a nice lunch and then my Mom and C and I headed out and went shopping.  We were on the hunt for a dress for C for the wedding and we were successful.  We found something she loves and I think it’s going to be perfect.  Today we went and found shoes too!  We had a nice girls day and then when we got home my sister told us she was going to come and pop in at our place and she ended up making it in time for dinner so we had a nice big family dinner.  It was such a nice unplanned surprise and I got a good family fix and was very happy.  I even got myself these beauties at the farm stand.


Today was a great day too.  We had breakfast before my parents went home.  C and I went to the mall and we got her shoes.  She is pretty excited about her outfit which makes me really happy.  We did groceries and when I got home I did my workout.  I really wasn’t feeling it but I feel like on weekends its my opportunity to find the time. I did my arm and shoulders workout.  It was pretty funny because I was doing my bicep curls sitting on my stability ball when James walked in and he got a good chuckle out of it.  I had cardio scheduled so I went for a run.  J take C to do chores with him so I could go out for a run.  I decided to do 5 km and OMG I killed it.  I was feeling fast today.  It was PERFECT running weather.


I was feeling so fast and I did this 5km run in 26 minutes!!!  That is really fast for me!  I felt soooo good after and so impressed with how fast I did it.  I was so glad I didn’t skip out on today’s workout.  I then got organized in the kitchen and made dinner for when J and C got home for chores.  I also made lunches for tomorrow as well.  Tonight’s dinner was fish tacos and they were super yummy.

din din
din din

After dinner we were all sitting around and we got asked to go next door to James’ Grandparent’s shed for a minute.  When we got there his parents, grandparents and his sister and her husband were all there.  They wanted to give us our wedding gift and I was SO happy when we saw it.  They got us an amazing harvest table for our kitchen.  I have been wanting a harvest table for a long time, and it’s so funny because I was telling my Mom that I wanted one yesterday.  It’s beautiful.  The amazing thing about it is that it’s made out of barn boards from the original barn on the farm that was torn down 7 years ago.  It was built in about 1850.  They also got some antique chairs to go with it.  It was so thoughtful and it’s going to look amazing in our kitchen.  It’s inspiring thoughts of redoing the kitchen to go with it.

So many nice surprises happened this weekend.  It was really nice.  Sadly it’s almost over and we have to start a new weekend countdown.


What was your best weekend surprise?


Do you like weekend workouts?


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