Better Than Nothing

Today turned out to be a really beautiful sunny day which meant I wanted to enjoy it by getting outside and running.  I kind of felt like I was coming down with something last night but had such a good sleep I woke up feeling better.  I decided I would go for a run before I picked up C and then tackle my ab and back workout when I got home.  I popped home after work and got changed into my running clothes.  I found a lululemon shirt I forgot I had.

get moving!
get moving!

I planned a route around the school neighbourhood that was just over 4 km.  I was so pumped for this run and then once I got going my body was like.

I tried to ignore my body and told myself sure you can.  Keep going.  I had programmed my HIIT timer but decided that wasn’t going to happen so I just kept a steady pace for the rest of it.  I was moving and really that’s all that matters.  I could have gone home and laid on the couch, but I was running instead.  Near the end of the route I looked up and noticed the sky was beautiful.  It was so blue and such a pretty afternoon, it felt good to be out.

better than the couch
better than the couch

I picked up C and we had to grab a few groceries and we headed home.  At this point I REALLY wanted to hit the couch but I had scheduled myself a back and abs workout.  I try and keep my workouts scheduled like appointments because it’s too easy to just push them off and say I will do it tomorrow.  But that won’t get me any closer to my end goal.  So I got myself set up and did the workout.  It felt good but it wasn’t one of those workouts that left me feeling great and energized, but I was glad I got it done.  I finished with a set of Tabata planks.

just plankin'
just plankin’

My original dinner plan involved J grilling some steak but he ended up having to work late in a tractor (#farmerproblems), and my grilling skills don’t come close to his so I needed a plan B.  I enjoyed my turkey sausage and spaghetti squash so much yesterday so I decided to cook something again with it.  I measured up some veggies and created a meal that I thought would work perfectly with my meal plan.  I cooked the sausage with mushrooms and red peppers.  I added seasonings and Bragg’s soy and cut the corn off one cob of corn and added it all together.  I split it into four servings and had a delicious dinner for J and I, and two lunch servings left over.


I celebrated my dedication and hard work by relaxing on the couch and watching the premiers of New Girl and The Mindy Project.  The only thing I think I really could have used is a Smile cookie.  Those things are staring at me every time I go for a tea but I haven’t caved yet.  That and the pumpkin spice donut have some type of conspiracy to break down my willpower.  I won’t let them win.  I mustn’t.  At least… not yet.


What have you been craving lately?


How do you get motivated to get through a workout when you are not feeling it?


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