Killing it with Christine

A couple really impressive things happened to me today. First I wore heels to work. This is actually pretty huge friends.

who am I?
who am I?

I wore them for two reasons. One is they matched my outfit best because my blouse was navy blue. It’s super cute and I should have selfied it. Two because I seriously need to get better at walking in heels for my wedding. I lasted the whole day! I’m certain is looked awkward but practise right?

I had a late call scheduled and it was touch and go as to whether I would make it to my workout but I did. It seems this week we are tackling all the girls named wods. Today we tackled Christine.


500 m row
12 deadlifts @ body weight
21 box jumps / step ups

He gave us the option to run which I took because Mondays wod we were supposed to run but it rained so we rowed. So I did a 400 m run. I started with body weight (130 lbs) but it didn’t last long. After 6 reps I dropped 5 lbs off.  It was H-E-A-V-Y.  When I headed out for my second run, I asked my coach to take 10 lbs off.  So I ended up doing the next two rounds with 115 lbs.  Still an impressive weight.  When I was filling out my binder I checked back to see the last time we did this wod and it was in January this year.  I used 95 lbs and did it in 16:23.  Tonight I did 115lbs and did it in 13:53.  That being said, I did run this time and not the rowing.

When we finished the wod we did 5 sets of 3 strict pull ups.  Here’s the best news of the day.  I did my first set WITHOUT A BAND.  Whaaaat?  I didn’t do them three consecutive.  I did drop down between but there were definitely three.  I have never had it in me to do more than one.  I felt sooo good.  I then did the rest at red bands and then the last couple sets at the purple band.  I didn’t even go to the green one at all.

feeling pretty proud of myself
feeling pretty proud of myself

I picked up pita’s for us for dinner since J had to work late again.  I wanted the steak and cheese but stuck with my plan and went for the lighter choice of chicken.  It was really yummy and totally hit the spot.  I got my lunch and snacks all sorted for tomorrow and am relaxing for the rest of the night.  Both C and J are feeling under the weather and have totally crashed so I am flying solo.  I put on Modern Family and totally forgot how much I enjoy this show.  It’s so funny!

I hope you are all enjoying your night too and celebrating some sort of an achievement from your day.

What’s the last workout achievement you celebrated?


What’s your favourite kind of pita?

I love the steak and cheese or a gyro.



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