Partner WOD and Protein Waffles

It’s my favourite time of the week friends! The weekend is upon us and it’s glorious. It started with a workout after work last night. It was a perfect one for me because the heavy wods of the week had caught up to me. It was all ab work using the medicine balls and then we did some work outside with the ladder. It was a lot of fun and a nice change from the intense workouts of the week.  We had plans to go to the demolition derby at the fair but those plans kind of fell through so the three of us went for a nice dinner.  We went to Turtle Jack’s and I got the fish tacos which were delicious.

This morning we got up and I made my usual breakfast.  I got myself ready to head out to the gym.  I knew they were calling for warmer weather today but i didn’t think it was shorts weather so I put on my favourite pants.


Saturday’s are a team challenge.  I have one girl that is ALWAYS my partner when we are both there and I was happy to see that she was there.

every. time.
every. time.

The wod was INSANE.  We seriously were dying.  I honestly thought at one point I might throw up!  It was 5 rounds.  Both partners did a 200 m run, then one did 30 wall balls while the other did 30 lunges and then switch and then both together for 20 burpees.  FOR FIVE ROUNDS!!!!  It was killer.  I was so exhausted when we were done.  At one point we decided we were only going to do 4 rounds because we were struggling so bad but after the fourth round we were laying there and I said, no come on, let’s do the other round.  So we did.  I was glad we finished but it was tough.  I think it took us just under 40 minutes to finish too. The funniest thing was we did our burpees in total synchronization.  It would have been really funny to have a video of it. Oh and yes I had my favourite pants on but I was wishing very quickly I had worn shorts.

I got home and decided to make protein waffles.  I found a new recipe and I loved how these turned out.  My usual recipe makes them really heavy and dense and these actually seemed more fluffy.  They were delicious.

so delicious
so delicious

I will definitely use that recipe again.  Then I got cleaned up and ready to head out.  A good friend of mine from University came to visit with her three boys and we all headed to the Ancaster Fair. The kids went on rides and then we stopped and got them ice cream.  All the food there smelled amazing.  I knew we were going back later tonight so I was good and didn’t get anything.  Instead I ate the quest bar I had in my purse and decided to save my appetite for tonight when we would likely be getting dinner there.  I think I will probably get some fries or one of those cyclone potato’s on a stick.

Now it’s time to get ready and get our gear together to bundle up for some demolition derby watching tonight.  It gets chilly out there so I think blankets are a necessity.  Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and it doesn’t go by too quickly.


Do you go to Fall fairs? 

There are a couple different ones we go to every year but always the Ancaster fair and always the derby at that one.


What was your Saturday morning sweat session?


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