A Cruel Joke and So Much Pie

This morning started off amazing.  I slept in nice and long which is my favourite way to start a Sunday.  I love taking that one day to just sleep in and relax.  Especially when J has the morning off.  It’s nice for us to both sleep in.  C slept in a bit longer as well, probably due to the late night at the fair from last night.  I got up and had a Poptart for breakfast and it was sooo yummy.  I haven’t had one of those in ages!  I intended on having a shake but the pop tart was there and C was having one so I figured what the heck.  I had scheduled myself a run and an arm workout this morning and I was not going to miss it.  Mother Nature was doing her best to mess with it.  It was raining, I was all ready and I could have so easily used the weather as an excuse but since I am always going on about “no excuses” I thought, nope, I am going.  What’s a little rain right?  It did start off as just a little rain… but literally after about 1 minute the skies opened up and it POURED.  Like, literally pouring rain.  It was coming sideways at first and I actually said out loud “are you kidding me!”.  I kept going.  I thought ok fine, I won’t do the full 5 km, I will just do a short 20 minute run.  I kept going and it kept pouring.  J texted me and asked if I wanted to be picked up and I seriously debated saying yes, but the rain had lightened a little and so I said no, it’s ok, I am halfway, I might as well keep going.

the angry skies
the angry skies

And of course, as soon as I said no thanks to the ride, it started pouring really hard again.  It was pretty much a steady hard rain for the rest of the run.  I did the full 5 km.  I figured what’s the point in quitting because of the rain?  I was already soaked so it couldn’t get much worse.  I got home and J had  a tea ready for me and greeted me at the door with a towel.  I then got right into my arm workout.  As soon as I started that workout I looked out the window and this is what I saw.

the skies.  are you kidding me?
the skies. are you kidding me?

It cleared right up.  What a joke.  I picked the nastiest part of the day to run.  But I felt really proud for not quitting and using the rain as an excuse.  It would have been really easy to say forget it and curl up with these guys.

so cuddly
so cuddly

I rewarded myself with a delicious breakfast of protein waffle (again) and some turkey bacon and mango.  It was really yummy and I devoured every bite of it.  Then we got ourselves ready for a lunch at J’s Aunt and Uncle’s house that was hosted in our honour for our upcoming wedding.  It was really touching that everyone was there for us.  I am a lucky girl to be joining such a wonderful and kind family.

on our way!
on our way!

The lunch was sooo yummy.  There was salmon, and ham, and salads, and delicious cheese buns.  I enjoyed everything so much.  By far the best part was dessert.  There was a selection of pies- cherry, peach, lemon meringue and homemade pecan.  I had such a hard time deciding I had 3 pieces!!!  I went for the cherry, peach and the pecan.  I can’t say which was the best… they were all soooo good.

It was definitely a weekend full of treats so in order to get myself back on track we did some prep work.  J grilled up steak and some chicken breasts and some zucchini.

he's the grill master
he’s the grill master

He grilled up a storm and everything was so good.  The best part was that we have the meat for the week to use.  I think tomorrow night will be chicken of some form.  I still need to plan my menu out.  I had the steak and zucchini tonight and packed a nice lunch for tomorrow that’s the same.


What an awesome weekend I had.  I feel so happy and content to have such great people in my life.  I am really looking forward to our wedding and celebrating with everyone.  Most importantly I am really looking forward to being able to call J my husband.  We have many years of happiness together to look forward to.  And he’s an incredible cook too so….there’s also that.


What did you do this weekend that you are excited about?


Running in the rain- love it or hate it?

I actually like it a lot, but more when it’s a nice light rain.  The torrential downpour’s not so much.



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