Delivery and Dumbbell Snatches

This Monday was like most Monday’s for me, hard to get moving, wishing it was still the weekend.  And this past weekend was such a nice one, it was tough to get back to the real world.  But I tackled it head on and got through the day.  In the morning I started to notice some chest pain.  I have had this type of thing before but more often after a workout with a lot of pressing.  I hadn’t done that in the weekend’s workouts.  I did do my own arm workout on Sunday- perhaps my form was off for something with one of those movements.  At any rate, it was quite uncomfortable but I just popped some Advil and moved on.

I had a meeting at work that went late so I didn’t make it to my usual class at 4:15 but I was able to pick C up and get to the 5:15 instead.  One of the other regulars from the 4:15 must have had a similar day so she was there too.  Bonus!  We started with our warm up as usual and then worked on dumbbell snatches.  I have finally perfected these and feel good about them.  I like them actually.  I told my coach about my pain in my chest and he said since it wasn’t from pressing it was likely that a rib was out of alignment.  He pushed on my back and it actually helped.  He had me foam roll my back out and use the lacrosse ball on it as well and it seemed to help.


work to a 2 RM back squat

I worked to 125lbs which felt good.  Heavy, but good.  That’s a new max for me post injury so I was happy with that weight.


EMOTM for 12 min

5 D/B snatch each side

odd- bicycle crunch

even- sit ups

Halfway through this my chest pain got worse so I had to reroll and my coach pushed on my back again and it was better.  We decided I should just do presses for the rest of it because the snatch motion probably aggravated it with the twisting.  For this wod I used 20lb dumbbells.  I was happy with that weight, I usually would opt for the 15lb and thought, no you can do more than that.

When I got home I was happy to see I had another delivery waiting for me from one of my many wedding purchases from Etsy.  I think sadly this might have been my last one.  I better get back online and do some more shopping!  (I am just kidding J).


One thing I love about buying things from Etsy shops is the items are so personalized.  I always get these lovely notes with them and a personal touch from the sender.  This was a handmade shawl and I will definitely be sending her pictures and feedback.  It’s absolutely beautiful.

The rest of the night was kind of busy.  I made a quick dinner of tortilla pizza which we ate on the run and then J and I headed to the mall for a quick look at wedding rings.  We need to get that decision sorted out so we can make sure we have them in time for our big day.  The crunch is on.  I started to feel a little overwhelmed last night with stuff to get sorted and done before the wedding.  I am really hearing the clock ticking.  I think I need to formulate some type of plan or something on how I am going to get everything done.

Do you shop on Etsy?


How do you stay organized? 

I usually make lists and try and just work off of that.




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