Just Going With It

I have been really enjoying running lately.  I am really up and down with it, and right now I am up.  I think it has something to do with the time of year and it being so refreshing and mind clearing for me.  It’s easy, just strap on my shoes and head out the door.  It’s also becoming a good compliment to my strength training.  Since I am enjoying it I figure keep going.  I have been loving the 5 km distance.  As I have mentioned many times, I use the HIIT timer and do sprints.  Well yesterday I decided I wanted to venture a little bit further and see how I do with something more than 5km.  Because why not right?

I decided I would do 8km and see how I felt.  It that felt good then maybe next time I will do more.  Since I have been eating better and strength training I am enjoying running more.  My endurance is better, my breathing is easier.  It just feels really good.  So I am just going with that.

feeling good after 8km
feeling good after 8km

I think it’s kind of nice to do it just because it feels good and I am enjoying it.  No pressure, no training schedule, just going when I want and deciding on the distance as I feel it.  I am not giving up anything to go either.  That was always my concern with training for another half marathon, would I have to give up CrossFit to do it?  But I have already scaled that back a little to do more spot specific strength training anyway, so I have the time.

I did the 8km and I felt like I could have gone further.  I was really enjoying it and I had a great pace going.  I finished in 50:35 which meant a pace of 6:19 per km which is pretty speedy for me when I am not racing.  I felt awesome.  I was pleasantly surprised to note that my IT band wasn’t sore and neither was my hip.  Winning.  Today my IT band is a little tender to touch but it’s not bothering me really.  I was a good girl and stretched and foam rolled after my run.

just rollin'
just rollin’

I also did a small ab workout of jack knives and side planks and of course a max hold regular plank because why wouldn’t I?   Just plank and hold.  Nothing to it.

plank love
plank love

It was a pretty great evening and I felt really relaxed despite a long day.  Nothing like a run to clear my mind.  I finished the night with some laundry and phone chats.  I chatted with my Mom for awhile and then had an unexpected phone date with my bestie L where we had a nice catch up.  It had been too long.

Hope your Wednesday is kicking ass so far.


What is your favourite way to relieve stress or clear your mind?

Running almost always helps but lifting heavy things is pretty awesome too.


Do you have any races coming up that you are training for?




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