Maxin’ and Relaxin’

Well hello!  Here we are friends, it’s Friday eve!  It’s a great day over here…. I think I am still on a high from my workout last night where I kicked some serious ass (if I do say so myself).   I hit up CrossFit after work and there was just three of us there.  We started with SWOD where we were working to find a one rep max of our push press and then our back or front squat and obvi I picked back squat.  I started with my push press and I pressed 105 lbs.  I loaded the bar with 5 more and thought I would attempt to press 110 lbs.  No luck.  I tried three times and was close but I didn’t get it.  I was happy with the 105 lbs though.  The girls in the class with me were newer and the one commented to me she couldn’t believe a tiny thing like me could lift so much weight.  It made me feel awesome and strong… and it shows what a long way I have come in the 2.5 years I have been lifting.

there's nothing like that feeling of lifting heavy.  I love it.
there’s nothing like that feeling of lifting heavy. I love it.

I moved on to my back squat, still a little bummed I didn’t get that press, but moving on.  I worked up to 145 lbs where I did it but it was an ugly lift.  I didn’t think it counted.  I wanted to quit but my coach said I should try again.  I get nervous squatting heavy because of my prior injury, but he was going to spot me so I felt more safe.  I tried again and I nailed it.  It was a perfect squat.  If anything he said I squat lower than necessary.

Then we moved on to the workout.  When he told us what it was I thought it sounded easy and boring.  Haha.  That was my first mistake.  The easiest sounding wod’s are always the worst and I should know better.


EMOTM- 12 min

5 push ups

20 sit ups


My abs were on fire during and after this.  Once I started after a couple rounds I realized this was no easy workout and I really underestimated it.

feeling awesome
feeling awesome

I got home and everything felt sore.  It’s unusual to know right away how sore you are going to be.  During the evening my arms felt sore and so did my abs.  After laying on the couch later in the evening and then getting up I realized how tight my legs had gotten.  I stood up and was like oh crap, tomorrow is going to suck. untitledSurprisingly it wasn’t so bad when I got up.  I definitely feel sore but not anything ridiculous.  I am happy that today is a rest day and I will just be relaxing these muscles of mine tonight.  In fact we have exciting plans to try out a new restaurant that a family friend just opened up.  So that’s how we will spend our Friday eve.  This weekend there is lots of excitement planned.  Stay tuned for that!

Do you like working to a one rep max when you lift?

I do occasionally but usually prefer sets.


Are you excited for anything for the weekend?



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