Just Keep Going

As I sat down to put together this weekend recap post I realized just how awesome of a weekend I had.  I am a lucky lady to have such awesome people to spend my weekends with, and we had a ton of fun.  It starts off Friday, I went to CrossFit after work and we did some deadlifting and the wod was a combo of manmakers and double unders.  I am happy to report that I actually strung together 3 double unders!  I was a happy girl.  When I got home we went to the mall to order our wedding bands.  We ate dinner in the food court and we ate the most unhealthiest of meals and pretty much felt sick for the rest of the evening.  That was a big fail.

Saturday morning meant another round of CrossFit where we did a team challenge wod.  It had a team of three.  One did a heavy carry, and while they were out one did back squats (we used 65 lbs) and the other did push ups.  After all that lifting during the week my legs were really feeling it.  The rest of the day involved a trip back to the mall where I stumbled across some great deals in one of my favourite stores.  Then we got ourselves ready for the Keith Urban concert here in Hamilton at the new stadium that was built.  Keith is C’s favourite singer so she was pretty exciting.  Having seen him before I was excited too because he puts on an amazing show.

we had a blast.
we had a blast.

It was a late night for us all.  This morning C and I got to sleep in a bit, poor J had to work.  He surprised us by bringing us home breakfast and a tea for me.  After we ate and relaxed a little more, C was off to spend the day with her grandma and I decided to set out on the run I had scheduled myself.  I was ambitious and decided to do a 10km run.  I planned the route and it worked out to 10.5 so perfect.  I didn’t acknowledge how hilly it was or how warm it was outside.  It was a tougher run than I had thought it would be.  I was struggling about halfway and my sister in law was sending me inspirational texts to help encourage me and it really did help.

scenes from my run
scenes from my run

Another encouraging thing was the song “Take Me to Church” by Hozier.  It came on and I had an awesome pace for the last 1km or so.  I am really digging that song right now.  I sing along but don’t know the words lol.  I got home and got a tall glass of ice water to cool off.  Then I spent some time foam rolling.  After my shower and organizing myself, I made this delicious post run protein waffle and treated myself to a few slices of turkey bacon with it.


It totally made it worth it and I was glad I kept going.  I will be sure to foam roll a few more times throughout the day so my legs aren’t too sore and tight tomorrow.  I have a pretty busy work week ahead of me so gym time might not happen so much for me.  I may have to get creative with my gym scheduling.

I hope you are all having an awesome weekend!


What was the last concert you went to?


What workouts did you get in this weekend?







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