It Takes Time

Monday came and went without too much of a commotion for me.  I always dread it but it wasn’t too bad this week.  Maybe I shouldn’t fear it’s wrath so much and just embrace it.  I will make an honest effort but I don’t think it will happen.  Anyhoo- after work I made it to CrossFit which was a bonus because I didn’t expect it to work out with my schedule but luckily it did.  We started with the WOD first and did the SWOD after to change it up a little.


12 min AMRAP

5 strict press

5 strict pull ups

5 burpees

I used 45 lbs for the strict press and for the pull ups I used the blue band.  I had the green set up but didn’t need to use it.  Definite progress there.  And the burpees felt like nothing.  5 at a time seemed not too painful.  I am afraid to say easy because I will curse myself for future.  Speaking of burpees I came across this yesterday on pinterest and I suggested it to my sister and I think we are going to try it.

sounds like torture near the end of the month...
sounds like torture near the end of the month…


Who want’s to join in with us?  I know it’s a silly question because burpees are mean mean things but they give great results.  We will become better and stronger for having done it.  right?

After the gym I got home and did some tidying up and got dinner going.  I was craving something hearty and that I could eat with a spoon.  Weird right?  I decided to make one of my recipes from my meal plan that I hadn’t made in awhile.  The final product was delicious.

Spicy Quinoa Bowl
Spicy Quinoa Bowl

So simple and so tasty.  And did I mention very healthy?  I made enough for our dinner and then another portion for lunch today.  It’s the perfect day for it too as it’s a gloomy rainy day.  After dinner I decided I wasn’t going to do anything, no laundry, no wedding tasks… just relax.  J and I did just that and then headed to bed early.

This morning I was getting dressed and put on a pair of pants I hadn’t worn in awhile and I was shocked to see they felt big.  The waist was baggy and I almost needed a belt.  I have been seeing so many changes lately.  It’s funny how it is so slow at first but then the changes and the progress just happens all at once.

progress is such an amazing feeling
progress is such an amazing feeling

I am so excited for my next wedding dress fitting.  I can’t wait to see the difference in how it fits.  I am loving how things look on me and how confident I feel.  The best part is that it feels permanent and sustainable.  Not just a quick fix.  I can do this, it’s become a lifestyle.  I am on week 14 of my plan.  I have stuck with this for 14 weeks!!!  I have never followed through before like I have with this and that’s an amazing feeling.

so true
so true

I don’t plan on just eating crap again after the wedding.  Don’t get me wrong.  I will indulge and I will enjoy myself.  But then I will get back to it and save the indulgences for when I really want them, not just because they are there, or because I am too lazy to put the time into meal prep.

I like where I am at and am really excited about where I am heading.  If you are trying to get healthier and get back on track let me give you two words of advice- DON’T QUIT.   You WILL see results and it WILL be worth it.


How do you stay motivated and on track?


Do you want to try the burpee challenge?



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