Treat Yourself

My last post talked about progress and how it takes time. I’ve been really dedicated to my nutrition and my workouts the last 14 weeks. That being said. I still treat myself. I think it’s important that I can still allow myself a treat once in awhile and not feel guilt about it.

The difference is that I really think about the choices I make and decide how badly I want the treat and if it’s worth it. I plan my cheat meals around our plans so they fit in when we are out for dinner or out with friends. So I honestly can say I don’t feel like I’ve missed out on anything.

I think this is what makes it more sustainable for me. It’s not one of those plans where you cut something totally out for say 30 days and then you are done and just go back to the way you were before. All your results you saw will be gone super quickly doing that.

feeling confident and loving my new shirt
feeling confident and loving my new shirt

I decided Tuesday would be a rest day given our busy schedule. C had skating so I didn’t have a lot of time to get a workout in. Given I have worked out or ran the past 4 days in a row I figured it worked out well to rest. When I got home from work I felt like doing something though. I decided to just do some ab work as a way to move a little and still rest my arms and legs. I put together a little wod.

I finished it off with a V sit with a 100 count and a max hold plank.

Then I headed out the door to pick up C. Today was a rainy gloomy day and I decided I was going to treat myself with a Chai Latte which I haven’t had in ages. It was a perfect treat for watching skating at the arena.


J did some extra grilling Monday night so there was no stress for dinner and we had it already prepared for our arrival home from skating. We just warmed it up and it was a delicious dinner.

he's got mad grilling skills
he’s got mad grilling skills

I am a lucky girl having such an awesome cook as my fiancé.  I had some leftover steak left for lunch so I cooked up some mushrooms and peppers and through it in with some of the leftover quinoa from Monday’s dinner.  It made for a perfect lunch portion.  The rest of the night was spent relaxing and watching New Girl and Mindy.

This morning marked the beginning of October and for me and a couple friends the beginning of the October burpee challenge.  If you need a refresher you can find it here.   I have plans this evening so I knew I had to get it in this morning.  Today’s challenge was just 5 burpees, 5 push ups and 5 squats.  Me and my big mouth decided that it wasn’t enough, so I suggested to the girls that we make it 5 rounds.  So I got up bright and early and did that before work.  It only took me 4 minutes to get the 5 rounds in… so really there’s no excuse in finding time to do a little workout.

Tonight is exciting because my parents are coming for a visit.  We are all going, along with J’s parents, to the venue where we are having our wedding for a menu tasting.  We will get to try samples of all the options and I cannot wait.  It’s going to be so delicious!!!!

I hope you are all having a great day and why not join in on the burpee challenge??


Are you going to do your burpees?

It’s not that bad, but the end of the month won’t be fun.


Favourite meal you’ve had at a wedding?

Mine was at a friend’s late night table where they had a poutine buffet!!!  Amazing!





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