I Know They’re In There

It’s been a busy week to say the least.  It’s been really tempting to just go home and lay down with my feet up but with three weeks to the wedding and lots to keep me busy over the next couple of weeks I don’t want to pass up any opportunity to work out when I have it.  So that’s just what I did.

Wednesday after work I went to CrossFit and it was a small class of just the three of us and it was super fun.  I decided to represent my tough mudder “Barb’s Bitches” tank.

and those pants though?
and those pants though?

The WOD:

18 min AMRAP

2 ab roll outs
10 kb swings
1 Turkish get ups each side
10 lunges passing a weight under
5 burpees with push up

When we were done that we did another quick wod with the three of us.  One person would row 400 m and then the other two would hold wall sits, you had to hold for both people’s rows.  I rowed last so my legs were pretty done by the time it was my turn to row.

After the gym I was spoiled by J who made this amazing dinner.

mixed veggies cooked in Bragg's and pork tenderloin and half a corn tortilla.
mixed veggies cooked in Bragg’s and pork tenderloin and half a corn tortilla.

Tonight I was not able to get to the gym so I decided to do a workout at home.  I was soooo wanting to just lay down, but instead I perused my Pinterest and found a couple ideas for a workout.  I started with a kettlebell and did this beauty.

20 swings

10 figure 8’s

15 swings

10 deadlifts

10 swings

10 high pulls

5 swings

5 snatches (per side)

When I was done that I decided to do some weights and an arm circuit.  Then I tried some new oblique movements I found on Pinterest and was definitely feeling the burn.  I finished off with some more ab work and called it a night.  I was feeling so good after I decided to do an ab check and I think they might be in there!

not perfect but i am feeling so good about myself
not perfect but i am feeling so good about myself

It’s kind of crazy that at age 38 I can say I am in the best shape of my life and feeling so good with my body.  It took me that long to get there, but I am finally feeling confident.  I may never be totally ripped but I feel so good about myself and to me that’s the best I could ask for.

In other news, C and I played a Halloween prank on J and set this up in the bathroom.

IMG_7022She thought it was so funny, but five minutes later wants to take it off because it “freaks her out”.  We have been so busy we haven’t really done much to get in the Halloween spirit so the bathroom decorations are all we did this year.  She is so excited for school tomorrow and for trick or treating.  After that J and I are heading out for some adult fun with friends of ours.

Are you dressing up for Halloween?

I am but am still not decided on what I will wear!






Going with Plan B

What a freaking day. It was one thing after another and I felt highly stressed and anxious for most of the day. I really wanted to just go home and get under the covers and hide from the world. It wasn’t an option since tonight was C’s skating lesson so I had to pull my shit together and get out.

I decided to go for a run during skating. It was unseasonably warm today but was raining off and on all day. I got my gym clothes on and headed out. Of course as I got in the car it started to rain. In my head I started to try and come up with a plan b as to where I could sneak off to in the arena to do a workout.

After C went in I headed out to check out what it was doing outside and was greeted by the most beautiful sky.

There is an amazing road that has a killer hill and I got the bright idea to run down and back up the hill. Normally I would really love the challenge but my first run post-pneumonia it was not the best idea. I was struggling so I decided I needed to do something else. First I admired the view on the hill. It was beautiful.

I headed over to the playground and did a few sets of arm dips, squats and attempted some pull-ups. The pull ups didn’t go well because the bars were wet.

When I was done the sky was even more beautiful.

So all in all it wasn’t a total write off. I could have decided to just throw in the towel at several points during the evening but I managed to make the most of it and still get a workout in.

What do you do to convince yourself to get it done?

Deep Breaths

Things are crazy for me over here.  Every time I blink I think of something else I need to do.  Between work, and wedding planning and throw real life on there too it’s madness!  I don’t know where to start.  J and I sat down the other day and we made a list and it was a big help to lay it all out and write it all down.  Now we just have to start tackling the things on the list.  I am guessing a large majority of the list will be completed the two days before the wedding when I have those days off work.  I am trying to remain calm but I can’t lie I am feeling pretty overwhelmed.


It’s not like I am worried that the stuff won’t get done.  I know it will and I know it will be perfect and it will all come together so beautifully, there’s just a lot on my plate.  Our house is a little chaotic right now with the new kitten still hanging around, and a bunch of Ikea furniture that is yet to be assembled, and we are planning some renovations.  I think the house chaos makes it worse for me so I think it’s a good idea for me to tackle some of that and get it out of the way.  Maybe less “stuff” hanging around will help me feel a little calmer.

I did make it to the gym last night after work.  I was feeling less than perfect still as a result of my crazy Bachelorette weekend.  I thought about skipping it so many times throughout the day but I figured it might help me feel better so I went.  It was a team wod and it was a long one!


6 clean and jerks

10 burpees


10 pull ups

6 front squats

10 KB swings

Basically with the team it went like this:

P1- 200 m row


P3- sit ups

The partners moved on based on the rowing.  We totalled our team’s sit ups.  I used 55 lbs for the lifts, except for the OHS I just used the 15lb bar, those hurt my back like crazy.

After the gym we got home and got ready to head out.  We had a busy night ahead of us.  We had to go vote for the Mayoral election, then we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.  There was a charity event for a charity that J’s family is involved in.  I didn’t love my dinner and I don’t think we plan on going back anytime soon.  Then we did groceries.  By the time we got home it was about 930 and I just headed right up for bed.  I was so tired.

Today I am feeling a little off.  I think it’s just stress catching up with me.  It’s just a blah day.  It’s also rainy and gross out and I am still feeling pretty tired.  I am trying to just tackle one thing at a time.  Deep breaths, keep going, it will all get done.  Soon J and I will be married and celebrating how awesome our day was.


What do you do when you get overwhelmed?

I usually deal with it by running or lifting heavy things.


Do you like Buffalo Wild Wings?

I am not a fan.  Officially.




Time to Let Loose

Well friends, we made it through another long week and Friday finally arrived.  I am also happy to report I survived the weekend.  It was touch and go for awhile there since it was my Bachelorette and things got a little crazy.  First let’s recap Friday.  After work I hit up CrossFit and did this wod.


Strict press- 10 reps
Worked to 50 lbs


EMOTM – 10 minutes
7 push press
Odd- burpees
Even- lunges

After the wod C and I went to pick up some goodies as we were having company over for the evening.  Our friends, who are also our MC’s for our wedding came over and they wanted to talk about some ideas they had for the wedding.  There was lots of wine (not for me) and I put together this yummy spread.

so much deliciousness
so much deliciousness

We had a nice time and it ended up being 1am before they left and we headed to bed!  Way past my bedtime lately!  Saturday morning we got up and had breakfast.  I got ready for the gym, here’s proof.

feeling good
feeling good

C had a Brownie’s field trip to go to so I dropped her off and went to the gym a little early.  Since I was there early I decided to jump on the InBody machine and see how my stats are since I had been away from the gym for awhile, and definitely not eating enough.  I was happy to see my weight and BFP were the lowest they have ever been!  I am feeling good, and most of all starting to feel strong again.  It’s a pretty great feeling.

When I got home, after staying a little late to chat with my coaches, my sister met me at my house and we set our for a sister day.  We went and got manicures and then she had a hair appt.  Then we headed to Niagara Falls for my Bachelorette.  Here is a few photos of the night.

the crew
the crew
these girls.  they mean the world to me.
these girls. they mean the world to me.
the highlights
the highlights

We had a great time.  There were drinks, snack, Bachelorette mad libs, a mechanical bull and so many selfies.  It really meant so much to me to have these girls with me to celebrate.  And my amazing sister planned it all.  She really made sure it was a fun night and I am so grateful.  I love you girls so much.  xoxo

Unfortunately all the fun led to a rough Sunday.  I spent most of it sleeping except when I took C to her swimming lesson, and then after that we had a dinner with friends of ours who are visiting.  It was such a great weekend.  Not the healthiest but I am not even mad about it.

Back to reality this morning.  And it was so frosty I had to let my car warm up to see out my windows!  Ugh.  Winter is coming.

I hope you all have a great week!


Did you do anything fun this weekend?


When was the last time you went out and got a little crazy?








Is it Friday Yet?

This week has been so crazy. I have a feeling that it’s not going to ease up anytime soon. The next few weeks are going to fly by.

Wednesday I hit up CrossFit after work. I am still not 100% but am just taking it easy as I need. I need to be moving and the gym is keeping me sane.

Find your 3 rep max front squats
I worked up and hit a new PR at 105 lbs

EMOTM – 12 min
3 burpees
DB thrusters

We had a dinner to attend when we got home so there were no workout selfies. It was a quick change and off to dinner.

Thursday I don’t usually make it now that C is back in Brownies but it was cancelled this week so I was able to head in. There was no SWOD, instead we were to go for an 800 m run. Since I haven’t run and breathing isn’t my strong suit right now I just did 400 m. C came for the run with me and totally beat me.


18 min AMRAP
50 sit ups
10 push press
23 burpees
10 front squats
23 box steps
10 man makers
23 double unders
10 thrusters
23 Russian Twists
50 mountain climbers

I got through one round and was 6 burpees in on the second round when the clock beeped. A little slow but with my breathing I was happy with how I did. I used 55 lbs as my weight for this one.

When I got home J had made dinner for us and it was ready and waiting for us.

It was homemade sloppy joes for them and mine was served with veggies in it and sweet potatoes. It was delicious and I have another serving for lunch tomorrow. He’s the best I tell ya.

I also had a package waiting for me from Sephora with some goodies I had ordered.

The rest of the evening was spent making to do lists and doing some wedding brainstorming and detail planning. I think the list will help me relieve a bit of stress and I can start just scratching things off.

Thankfully it’s Friday Jr and the weekend starts tomorrow. One more day to get through.

What did you have for dinner tonight?

What’s something exciting you have planned for the weekend?

Where Do I Start?

Wow friends.  It’s been a looooong break.  I wish I could say it’s because there have been all kinds of exciting things going on in my life but unfortunately it’s not the case.  The real reason was that when I blogged about being sick here  and here, it didn’t end there.  It got worse!  My cough got much worse and I went back to the doctor and found out after a chest x-ray that I did actually have pneumonia.  It totally explained why I wasn’t getting any better.  It sucked so bad.  I was coughing so much my abs were sore.  Then my lower back got really sore too.  It wasn’t fun.  I was feeling so sorry for myself that I cried.  A lot.  Poor J had to put up with me being a big sick baby.  He’s so wonderful.  I am a lucky girl.

one month today I marry this guy.  xoxo
one month today I marry this guy. xoxo

He has wiped my tears, made me soup, got me tea, and sat up with me watching teen mom when I couldn’t sleep.  C was also so sweet.  She kept checking on me, she was genuinely concerned about how I was feeling.  She even gave me a foot massage.

my heart.
my heart.

I started to feel a little more human by the end of the week.  I was able to go to work for a few hours on Friday and then in the evening we had a wedding shower thrown by J’s Aunt and family.  It was really nice to see everyone, and they put together a really wonderful gift for us.  It’s so nice to feel all this love and excitement around our special event.  I am marrying into a wonderful family who treat me so nice.  Saturday was J’s Bachelor day and my friend M came to visit me and we spent the day together.  It was really nice to catch up and since I had an appetite again we went to one of our favourite restaurants for dinner.  Then  we got some junk food and watched Dateline mysteries.  It was a chill night, but just what I needed.

Sunday we heard a crying under our porch, it sounded like a kitten.  We put some food out and it disappeared.  In the evening J opened the front door to our house and a kitten ran inside.  She is SO friendly and we are pretty sure she is not a wild/barn cat… she is too friendly for that.  She loves people and she knew how to use the litter.  The thing about where we live is that its very rural and we know all our neighbours so we know she didn’t come from any of them.  We actually are wondering if she got dropped off?

so cute.
so cute.

As much fun as she is, we really don’t want a second cat.  We are trying to find a home for her but she is quickly worming her way into our hearts.


Monday was back to a regular work day and it was much better for me.  I am definitely feeling better. I still have a cough that I think is going to hang around for a long time unfortunately.  But I have more energy.  I decided I wanted to try the gym.  It had been TWO WEEKS since I did a workout and I was ready to ease back into it.  I went to CrossFit after work.  Even the warm up had me winded but I just took it easy and worked at my own pace.  I was thrilled to see an old friend there that had taken about a year off.


– find your 5 RM back squat

I kept it light and stopped at 85 lbs because I didn’t want to over do it


12 min

Ladder of KB swings and Box steps

worked from 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 ,12, 14 then laddered it back down, then I laddered back up again to 12.

We finished off with 50 sit ups.

It felt so good to be back I HAD to take a workout selfie.

I'm back!!!!
I’m back!!!!

That’s a wrap for now.  I still have more stories to share but that will have to be saved for Volume 2.  I missed blogging, but more importantly I missed having anything to blog about.  Hopefully I am on the mend and I will have lots of fun stories and workout updates for you in the near future.


Tell me something new going on in your life?





I’m Alive. Barely.

Well friends. I wish I had more to report. I have been absent because you know the saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. Welp. That’s just it. I have no good news just lots of whining and complaining. So I decided to keep it to myself.

I am STILL sick. And not just kind of sick with a cold and I’m being dramatic. I’m legit sick and feel awful. I have a terrible cough that I am convinced is bronchitis or pneumonia. My meds haven’t touched it. I can only sleep sitting up or I will cough my lungs out. I wake up every morning praying I’ve turned a corner and feel better but not yet. I still feel awful.

It’s a long weekend which is glorious for me. Yesterday we went to my parents house for Thanksgiving celebrations. My sister and her family were there and my sister and J and I snuck out and went to this western store and her and I got cowboy boots!! I’m excited to wear them! We also had some fun on the computer with the camera.


Dinner was delicious and so was dessert. My sister made a salted caramel apple cake. It was SO yummy.


I had big hopes to get up this morning and try a workout. It’s been a week since I have done any form of exercise and it’s killing me.

When I woke up though my cough was awful and my head was just pounding. It was not fun. I didn’t do anything but relax. Then I thought I would run later but there hasn’t been any improvement so I don’t think it will happen today.
We went to have Thanksgiving lunch with J’s family today at their camper. It was a beautiful day.

It was really nice but it left us both exhausted. Oh yeah, I didn’t mention that J is also sick. Good times for both of us.
Good thing I have another day to relax and try and recover because I have a lot going on over the next couple of weeks. I can’t afford to be sick for much longer. I may need to head back to the doctor.

I hope you (my Canadian friends) are having a lovely Thanksgiving full of family time and lots of yummy food.

How many turkey dinners did you have?

Did you get a workout in this weekend? (If yes know that I am so jealous)