Snakes and Stuffed Squash

What a week this has been. Work has been extra stressful and the days have been long. Yesterday I got home just in time to head out for our menu tasting in preparation for our wedding. Which by the way is only 50 days away!!! The food was incredible and we had a lot of fun.

Another long work day today and no gym for me because C has Brownies so I was determined to do something on my own. The other issue is that I didn’t have a chance to run out and get groceries as I had planned and there was slim pickings in our fridge for ingredients. I had to get creative.

J had picked C up for me so when I picked her up at the farm I stopped at the corn stand and got a couple small squash, some corn and a bunch of beets. I had no idea what I was going to do with it. I also had some turkey sausage to use up.

I started with cleaning out the squash and put that in the oven while I prepped the rest of the ingredients. I took the sausage out of the casings and cooked it up. I added some seasonings and a bit of franks siracha sauce to it. Then I added some corn. When I cooked it all up I stuffed it in the squash. It made these beauties when it was done.

so yummy!
so yummy!


I also cleaned up the beets and roasted them in some olive oil and seasonings to have with it. I had it all ready and then C got picked up for Brownies. I had some time so I decided to get my workouts in. I started with a run and did a quick 5 km.  I used my HIIT timer and did sprints and had a great run.  I saw a snake on my run that was dead on the road and then two dogs came running up to me and scared the crap out of me.  It was an eventful run to say the least.

running me = happy me
running me = happy me

It was a perfect night to run.  It was cool out and refreshing and it felt great.  It was also a very beautiful sunset.

i love where i live
i love where i live

So when I got home I decided to do my burpee challenge.  The challenge for the day was 5 mountain climbers (i count it as each leg), 5 jump squats and 5 burpees.  I decided that I would do 5 rounds of this one too.  After that I still felt like doing more.  I did some dumbbell arm sets and then finished it all off with some foam rolling.

getting my pump on
getting my pump on

Then I turned my attention to the amazing dinner I prepared us.  I cut my squash in half and put half aside for my lunch tomorrow and had it with a serving of roasted beets.

half a turkey sausage stuffed squash and roasted beets
half a turkey sausage stuffed squash and roasted beets

It was really delicious and I enjoyed every bite.  I am actually already looking forward to my lunch tomorrow.  I felt so good tonight, I felt so productive and it felt amazing to move after a busy couple of days and an absence from the gym.  I am hoping to get back to it tomorrow.   I love that I feel such stress relief with my workouts and running.  It’s amazing how much it relaxes me and clears my mind.  I find it comforting.

Happy Friday Jr!

Do you find workouts or running comforting?


How has your week been?  Tell me something exciting you did!








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