A Long Week.

What a week friends. It felt like the longest week ever. This morning got off to a rough start when I turned my alarm off instead of snoozing. I got a text from J at around 715 which woke me up. So I was definitely late.

I left work about a half an hour early and headed home to get ready for CrossFit. I accidentally sat down on the bed and it was a mistake because I wanted to lay down sooooo bad. But I got myself up and headed to the gym.

We started with Deadlifts and we did something new and did “banded deadlifts”. The resistance band meant we had to pull harder on the bar to finish the lift. I worked up to 155 lbs with the band and then did a couple reps at 175 lbs. It felt good to lift after a few days away.

Then we moved on to the workout.


42 sit ups
21 burpees
42 lunges
21 front squats
42 flutter kicks
21 push press
42 box steps
21 push press (was supposed to be thrusters)

So at the end of this as we threw down our barbells happy to be done our coach said “ok rest for a minute then do it again but cut the reps in half, so it would be 21 and 10. I used 55 lbs on my barbell. This was a crazy one but it felt amazing.

One thing I noticed was how much better I have gotten at burpees. I used to dread them so much and struggle with any more than 5 at a time. For this workout I easily did 21 unbroken. I know my fitness has improved because I am in better shape but I also think a lot of it has to do with my nutrition. I feel pretty good these days.

I didn’t feel like cooking and I am still in need of groceries so we decided to get Swiss Chalet for dinner. J had to work late so C and I ate together and had some cuddle time on the couch.


After C went to bed J and I just had a quiet night. He planned me a running route for tomorrow which is awesome because I don’t enjoy trying to map out the routes. I iced my knees and pet our cutie.

It was a perfect end to a long week and a perfect start to the weekend.

Happy Friday!!

What are you excited about this weekend?

Did you do a workout today?


One thought on “A Long Week.

  1. this did feel like the longest week. i’m so glad it’s over. I hit crossfit after work and then tomorrow i’m doing a friendly comp for our boxes 4th anniversary. it should be fun…and I should be very happy to get to bed tomorrow night! happy weekend!

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