Weekend Recap: Running and Roast

This weekend was really nice. Saturday morning I decided to run instead of my usual CrossFit class because I knew I wouldn’t have any other chance to get a long run in. So I headed into town to do the route J mapped out for me. I had a 12 km route to do. It was chilly out which is how I like it once I get going.

When I got home from my run J’s cousin and his wife were at our house. They were picking up our dining table because they needed one and we wanted to get rid of ours to make room for our new one. We got it all loaded in their car and then they helped us move our beautiful new harvest table into our kitchen.

so in love with this table
so in love with this table

It makes me so happy to see this amazing table in our kitchen. I love it so much.  After I got all cleaned up from my run J and I headed to Ikea to get some furniture we wanted. J is not a big fan of shopping so we made a deal that after ikea we would go for a beer. We went to a new pub that has an awesome bar with a frost rail to keep your beer cold.

Also something that’s really cool about this bar is that it’s made out of beams from J’s old barn! It’s really cool. We had poutine to split and it was really yummy. We ended up staying longer than planned and had to rush home before heading to J’s baseball banquet dinner. We had a good time and I had a few too many drinks and woke up feeling a little rough Sunday morning. J made me breakfast and I got myself ready. I had a friends baby shower to attend. Since we didn’t have time to get groceries yesterday J did them  and said he would take care of dinner. I was thrilled to find out he was preparing us a roast and homemade scalloped potatoes. Yep I am a lucky lady friends.

While he was working on dinner I took C to swimming. I have developed a painful chest cough and sore throat ever since my run yesterday and am feeling kinda crappy. I needed to be cozy so I rocked my coziest trackers and my chucks.


I got home from swimming and our dinner was ready.  It was the BEST dinner I have had in a long time.  He had made a prime rib roast.  We loved it.

he's a keeper
he’s a keeper

He cooked the prime rib perfectly.  And this was our first dinner on our brand new table.  It was a perfect way to end a weekend.  I headed up to bed really early because of my chest pain/ cough and got some extra sleep in.  I hope you all had an awesome weekend, I know I did!

Do you like prime rib roast?

I think its the perfect Sunday dinner.


Did you run or workout this weekend?


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