An Unplanned Break

I have been feeling under the weather for the past couple of days.  On Sunday night the chest pain and cough I had been fighting finally came to the surface and was a full blown chest cold by bedtime.  I went to bed early hoping that a good night’s sleep would be all I needed to cure the cold but no such luck.  I had a terrible sleep and woke up Monday feeling even worse.  I have a tendency to get Bronchitis once a year and so I made a doctor’s appointment as I was pretty sure that’s what I was feeling.  The doctor thought it was more likely just a virus though.  I had to take the day off work and spent most of the day doing this.

make up free and cuddling
make up free and cuddling

It was pretty boring but I had a good rest.  I watched some serious tv and then went to pick up C from daycare.  I also had a vision to make shredded chicken for dinner for tacos.  I baked the chicken in the oven with some green salsa and then we added some peppers and sweet corn to the top and served it on corn tortillas with some diced mango and pineapple.

so delicious
so delicious

It turned out really good and I will definitely be making this one again.  I went to bed early again with my good friend’s Vick’s and Nyquil and hoped for a good sleep.  I woke up around 2 am when the Nyquil must have worn off and had trouble falling back to sleep.  When I woke up I had a lot of chest pain and a really nasty cough going on.  I didn’t want to go to work.

couldn't do it.
couldn’t do it.

I decided no one would enjoy listen to me cough and spread my germs so I took another day off.  Sadly another day of rest and cat cuddling has not left me feeling any better.  This sucks.  I am not happy about missing my workout yesterday and not being able to do anything today.  Walking up stairs is exhausting so how could I work out?  Running is not an option either since the breathing thing isn’t happening for me.  So I am just resting.  I have totally fallen behind on my burpee challenge too.  Ugh.

I also find when I am sick I crave unhealthy foods, like today’s craving of diet coke and Dorito’s.  I also thought a lot about cookies and was so good considering we have a lot of Girl Guide cookies in the house I could have indulged in.  Instead I made myself this delicious salad for lunch.


It was one of those bagged kale and brussel sprouts salads and I added diced mango and pineapple, a mini cucumber and some of my shredded chicken.  It actually was really tasty and I enjoyed every bite.  I did get a timbit later in the afternoon when I got a tea and that was a nice treat.  A little less guilty than the bag of Dorito’s I really wanted.

So that’s all I have for you really.  Two days of not a heck of a lot.  No workouts, no excitement.  Just a lot of couch time and cat cuddles.  And coughing.

I hope your week is off to a better start than mine friends.


When was the last time you had a sick day?

For me it was probably last year when I had Bronchitis.


Do you crave unhealthy food when you are sick?






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