Where Do I Start?

Wow friends.  It’s been a looooong break.  I wish I could say it’s because there have been all kinds of exciting things going on in my life but unfortunately it’s not the case.  The real reason was that when I blogged about being sick here  and here, it didn’t end there.  It got worse!  My cough got much worse and I went back to the doctor and found out after a chest x-ray that I did actually have pneumonia.  It totally explained why I wasn’t getting any better.  It sucked so bad.  I was coughing so much my abs were sore.  Then my lower back got really sore too.  It wasn’t fun.  I was feeling so sorry for myself that I cried.  A lot.  Poor J had to put up with me being a big sick baby.  He’s so wonderful.  I am a lucky girl.

one month today I marry this guy.  xoxo
one month today I marry this guy. xoxo

He has wiped my tears, made me soup, got me tea, and sat up with me watching teen mom when I couldn’t sleep.  C was also so sweet.  She kept checking on me, she was genuinely concerned about how I was feeling.  She even gave me a foot massage.

my heart.
my heart.

I started to feel a little more human by the end of the week.  I was able to go to work for a few hours on Friday and then in the evening we had a wedding shower thrown by J’s Aunt and family.  It was really nice to see everyone, and they put together a really wonderful gift for us.  It’s so nice to feel all this love and excitement around our special event.  I am marrying into a wonderful family who treat me so nice.  Saturday was J’s Bachelor day and my friend M came to visit me and we spent the day together.  It was really nice to catch up and since I had an appetite again we went to one of our favourite restaurants for dinner.  Then  we got some junk food and watched Dateline mysteries.  It was a chill night, but just what I needed.

Sunday we heard a crying under our porch, it sounded like a kitten.  We put some food out and it disappeared.  In the evening J opened the front door to our house and a kitten ran inside.  She is SO friendly and we are pretty sure she is not a wild/barn cat… she is too friendly for that.  She loves people and she knew how to use the litter.  The thing about where we live is that its very rural and we know all our neighbours so we know she didn’t come from any of them.  We actually are wondering if she got dropped off?

so cute.
so cute.

As much fun as she is, we really don’t want a second cat.  We are trying to find a home for her but she is quickly worming her way into our hearts.


Monday was back to a regular work day and it was much better for me.  I am definitely feeling better. I still have a cough that I think is going to hang around for a long time unfortunately.  But I have more energy.  I decided I wanted to try the gym.  It had been TWO WEEKS since I did a workout and I was ready to ease back into it.  I went to CrossFit after work.  Even the warm up had me winded but I just took it easy and worked at my own pace.  I was thrilled to see an old friend there that had taken about a year off.


– find your 5 RM back squat

I kept it light and stopped at 85 lbs because I didn’t want to over do it


12 min

Ladder of KB swings and Box steps

worked from 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 ,12, 14 then laddered it back down, then I laddered back up again to 12.

We finished off with 50 sit ups.

It felt so good to be back I HAD to take a workout selfie.

I'm back!!!!
I’m back!!!!

That’s a wrap for now.  I still have more stories to share but that will have to be saved for Volume 2.  I missed blogging, but more importantly I missed having anything to blog about.  Hopefully I am on the mend and I will have lots of fun stories and workout updates for you in the near future.


Tell me something new going on in your life?






2 thoughts on “Where Do I Start?

  1. Hi!

    I’m so glad to hear you’re feeling better and on the mend. I just saw what you wrote on Sam’s blog and you sound like ME. Except that I’m not getting married. Hahaha. I will say that, it has taught me the importance of an authentic connection and REAL love and I’m going to get it because I believe in it!

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