Is it Friday Yet?

This week has been so crazy. I have a feeling that it’s not going to ease up anytime soon. The next few weeks are going to fly by.

Wednesday I hit up CrossFit after work. I am still not 100% but am just taking it easy as I need. I need to be moving and the gym is keeping me sane.

Find your 3 rep max front squats
I worked up and hit a new PR at 105 lbs

EMOTM – 12 min
3 burpees
DB thrusters

We had a dinner to attend when we got home so there were no workout selfies. It was a quick change and off to dinner.

Thursday I don’t usually make it now that C is back in Brownies but it was cancelled this week so I was able to head in. There was no SWOD, instead we were to go for an 800 m run. Since I haven’t run and breathing isn’t my strong suit right now I just did 400 m. C came for the run with me and totally beat me.


18 min AMRAP
50 sit ups
10 push press
23 burpees
10 front squats
23 box steps
10 man makers
23 double unders
10 thrusters
23 Russian Twists
50 mountain climbers

I got through one round and was 6 burpees in on the second round when the clock beeped. A little slow but with my breathing I was happy with how I did. I used 55 lbs as my weight for this one.

When I got home J had made dinner for us and it was ready and waiting for us.

It was homemade sloppy joes for them and mine was served with veggies in it and sweet potatoes. It was delicious and I have another serving for lunch tomorrow. He’s the best I tell ya.

I also had a package waiting for me from Sephora with some goodies I had ordered.

The rest of the evening was spent making to do lists and doing some wedding brainstorming and detail planning. I think the list will help me relieve a bit of stress and I can start just scratching things off.

Thankfully it’s Friday Jr and the weekend starts tomorrow. One more day to get through.

What did you have for dinner tonight?

What’s something exciting you have planned for the weekend?


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