Time to Let Loose

Well friends, we made it through another long week and Friday finally arrived.  I am also happy to report I survived the weekend.  It was touch and go for awhile there since it was my Bachelorette and things got a little crazy.  First let’s recap Friday.  After work I hit up CrossFit and did this wod.


Strict press- 10 reps
Worked to 50 lbs


EMOTM – 10 minutes
7 push press
Odd- burpees
Even- lunges

After the wod C and I went to pick up some goodies as we were having company over for the evening.  Our friends, who are also our MC’s for our wedding came over and they wanted to talk about some ideas they had for the wedding.  There was lots of wine (not for me) and I put together this yummy spread.

so much deliciousness
so much deliciousness

We had a nice time and it ended up being 1am before they left and we headed to bed!  Way past my bedtime lately!  Saturday morning we got up and had breakfast.  I got ready for the gym, here’s proof.

feeling good
feeling good

C had a Brownie’s field trip to go to so I dropped her off and went to the gym a little early.  Since I was there early I decided to jump on the InBody machine and see how my stats are since I had been away from the gym for awhile, and definitely not eating enough.  I was happy to see my weight and BFP were the lowest they have ever been!  I am feeling good, and most of all starting to feel strong again.  It’s a pretty great feeling.

When I got home, after staying a little late to chat with my coaches, my sister met me at my house and we set our for a sister day.  We went and got manicures and then she had a hair appt.  Then we headed to Niagara Falls for my Bachelorette.  Here is a few photos of the night.

the crew
the crew
these girls.  they mean the world to me.
these girls. they mean the world to me.
the highlights
the highlights

We had a great time.  There were drinks, snack, Bachelorette mad libs, a mechanical bull and so many selfies.  It really meant so much to me to have these girls with me to celebrate.  And my amazing sister planned it all.  She really made sure it was a fun night and I am so grateful.  I love you girls so much.  xoxo

Unfortunately all the fun led to a rough Sunday.  I spent most of it sleeping except when I took C to her swimming lesson, and then after that we had a dinner with friends of ours who are visiting.  It was such a great weekend.  Not the healthiest but I am not even mad about it.

Back to reality this morning.  And it was so frosty I had to let my car warm up to see out my windows!  Ugh.  Winter is coming.

I hope you all have a great week!


Did you do anything fun this weekend?


When was the last time you went out and got a little crazy?









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