Deep Breaths

Things are crazy for me over here.  Every time I blink I think of something else I need to do.  Between work, and wedding planning and throw real life on there too it’s madness!  I don’t know where to start.  J and I sat down the other day and we made a list and it was a big help to lay it all out and write it all down.  Now we just have to start tackling the things on the list.  I am guessing a large majority of the list will be completed the two days before the wedding when I have those days off work.  I am trying to remain calm but I can’t lie I am feeling pretty overwhelmed.


It’s not like I am worried that the stuff won’t get done.  I know it will and I know it will be perfect and it will all come together so beautifully, there’s just a lot on my plate.  Our house is a little chaotic right now with the new kitten still hanging around, and a bunch of Ikea furniture that is yet to be assembled, and we are planning some renovations.  I think the house chaos makes it worse for me so I think it’s a good idea for me to tackle some of that and get it out of the way.  Maybe less “stuff” hanging around will help me feel a little calmer.

I did make it to the gym last night after work.  I was feeling less than perfect still as a result of my crazy Bachelorette weekend.  I thought about skipping it so many times throughout the day but I figured it might help me feel better so I went.  It was a team wod and it was a long one!


6 clean and jerks

10 burpees


10 pull ups

6 front squats

10 KB swings

Basically with the team it went like this:

P1- 200 m row


P3- sit ups

The partners moved on based on the rowing.  We totalled our team’s sit ups.  I used 55 lbs for the lifts, except for the OHS I just used the 15lb bar, those hurt my back like crazy.

After the gym we got home and got ready to head out.  We had a busy night ahead of us.  We had to go vote for the Mayoral election, then we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.  There was a charity event for a charity that J’s family is involved in.  I didn’t love my dinner and I don’t think we plan on going back anytime soon.  Then we did groceries.  By the time we got home it was about 930 and I just headed right up for bed.  I was so tired.

Today I am feeling a little off.  I think it’s just stress catching up with me.  It’s just a blah day.  It’s also rainy and gross out and I am still feeling pretty tired.  I am trying to just tackle one thing at a time.  Deep breaths, keep going, it will all get done.  Soon J and I will be married and celebrating how awesome our day was.


What do you do when you get overwhelmed?

I usually deal with it by running or lifting heavy things.


Do you like Buffalo Wild Wings?

I am not a fan.  Officially.





One thought on “Deep Breaths

  1. I run when I get overwhelmed. Helps a lot and it gives me time to think about stuff or..not think about stuff. 🙂 You gave yourself the best advice – one thing at a time and deep breaths. It’ll all work out. And, I’ve never been to BWW – figured I wasn’t missing anything. 🙂

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