Going with Plan B

What a freaking day. It was one thing after another and I felt highly stressed and anxious for most of the day. I really wanted to just go home and get under the covers and hide from the world. It wasn’t an option since tonight was C’s skating lesson so I had to pull my shit together and get out.

I decided to go for a run during skating. It was unseasonably warm today but was raining off and on all day. I got my gym clothes on and headed out. Of course as I got in the car it started to rain. In my head I started to try and come up with a plan b as to where I could sneak off to in the arena to do a workout.

After C went in I headed out to check out what it was doing outside and was greeted by the most beautiful sky.

There is an amazing road that has a killer hill and I got the bright idea to run down and back up the hill. Normally I would really love the challenge but my first run post-pneumonia it was not the best idea. I was struggling so I decided I needed to do something else. First I admired the view on the hill. It was beautiful.

I headed over to the playground and did a few sets of arm dips, squats and attempted some pull-ups. The pull ups didn’t go well because the bars were wet.

When I was done the sky was even more beautiful.

So all in all it wasn’t a total write off. I could have decided to just throw in the towel at several points during the evening but I managed to make the most of it and still get a workout in.

What do you do to convince yourself to get it done?


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