I Know They’re In There

It’s been a busy week to say the least.  It’s been really tempting to just go home and lay down with my feet up but with three weeks to the wedding and lots to keep me busy over the next couple of weeks I don’t want to pass up any opportunity to work out when I have it.  So that’s just what I did.

Wednesday after work I went to CrossFit and it was a small class of just the three of us and it was super fun.  I decided to represent my tough mudder “Barb’s Bitches” tank.

and those pants though?
and those pants though?

The WOD:

18 min AMRAP

2 ab roll outs
10 kb swings
1 Turkish get ups each side
10 lunges passing a weight under
5 burpees with push up

When we were done that we did another quick wod with the three of us.  One person would row 400 m and then the other two would hold wall sits, you had to hold for both people’s rows.  I rowed last so my legs were pretty done by the time it was my turn to row.

After the gym I was spoiled by J who made this amazing dinner.

mixed veggies cooked in Bragg's and pork tenderloin and half a corn tortilla.
mixed veggies cooked in Bragg’s and pork tenderloin and half a corn tortilla.

Tonight I was not able to get to the gym so I decided to do a workout at home.  I was soooo wanting to just lay down, but instead I perused my Pinterest and found a couple ideas for a workout.  I started with a kettlebell and did this beauty.

20 swings

10 figure 8’s

15 swings

10 deadlifts

10 swings

10 high pulls

5 swings

5 snatches (per side)

When I was done that I decided to do some weights and an arm circuit.  Then I tried some new oblique movements I found on Pinterest and was definitely feeling the burn.  I finished off with some more ab work and called it a night.  I was feeling so good after I decided to do an ab check and I think they might be in there!

not perfect but i am feeling so good about myself
not perfect but i am feeling so good about myself

It’s kind of crazy that at age 38 I can say I am in the best shape of my life and feeling so good with my body.  It took me that long to get there, but I am finally feeling confident.  I may never be totally ripped but I feel so good about myself and to me that’s the best I could ask for.

In other news, C and I played a Halloween prank on J and set this up in the bathroom.

IMG_7022She thought it was so funny, but five minutes later wants to take it off because it “freaks her out”.  We have been so busy we haven’t really done much to get in the Halloween spirit so the bathroom decorations are all we did this year.  She is so excited for school tomorrow and for trick or treating.  After that J and I are heading out for some adult fun with friends of ours.

Are you dressing up for Halloween?

I am but am still not decided on what I will wear!






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