Reaching my Breaking Point

I hit that point today where I was like holy crap, I am NEVER going to be done everything.  It’s been one project after the next combined with the fact that I am getting married two weeks tomorrow.  ARGH!  So crazy!!!  Anyway, this week has been nuts.  Monday was a busy day but I was determined to get to the gym because I knew it was most likely my only chance this week with everything going on.  I was glad I made it but the wod was INSANE!!

Here’s what we did:

4 rounds
40 m sprint
30 goblet squats
15 burpees
20 push press
48 sit ups

This was really tough.  We followed with some strength work of lots of reps of strict press and back squats.  I did more reps at a lighter weight.  It felt great to get that workout done and start my week off right.  Tuesday and Wednesday I had to commute to work.  Something I am spoiled with and don’t normally have to do.  So Tuesday was a very long day for me.  Wednesday a co-worker decided we shouldn’t go too late in our meeting so we wouldn’t hit traffic and I was ecstatic to hear that because it meant I made it home in time to go to the gym.  I was so thrilled given it was the only other day I would get there this week before Saturday.

ready for the gym!
ready for the gym!

This week our coach is doing workouts around different wars as a way to remember the soldiers that fought for us.  I find them really interesting because we get to learn a lot about the brave people that fought for us.  Here’s what we did last night:

IMG_7064It was a really good workout, it wasn’t too heavy because I guess a lot of the others have been pretty intense wods, like Monday for example.  I saw Tuesdays and it looked like a killer one.  Maybe a good thing I missed that one?  Today I didn’t make it in, I worked late and C has extra curricular.  I still intend on getting some type of a workout in here at home, however, I haven’t gotten it done yet.  I sat down to get caught up on some work.  I will see what happens but no guilt if it doesn’t happen.

In other exciting news I got my Hydr-8 water bottle that I ordered and today was my first day testing it out.  It worked like a charm.  I finished my water right on schedule and am even ahead for the night!

works like a charm
works like a charm

I got this bottle by ordering it here.  Check it out!  Tomorrow night we have our annual event at the gym called “Deadlifts and Dresses”.  I missed it last year but am happy I will make it there today.  It’s a ladies event and we all get dressed up and head to the gym to mingle and have a catered meal.  There is a photographer who gets some fun pictures of us and then we get a calendar with the pictures.  It’s a really fun event to see everyone outside of gym clothes without gym hair.  I am excited to attend.

So after what’s been a long, stressful week, I am going to attempt to accomplish some more and then relax and get caught up on some of my shows I missed.  I hope you are all having an awesome week!  it’s Friday Jr!


How do you make sure you drink enough water?

I have always struggled with this one.  Let’s see if my new bottle helps!








One thought on “Reaching my Breaking Point

  1. I have a half litre bottle at work and I try to fill it four times a day at least. The air in the office is crazy dry so it encourages me! Also, it’ a good reason to get up from my desk!

    You’re looking great! But I can’t believe it is nearly wedding time for you already….time flies by!

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