Such a Great Saturday

Today was such a great day.  After a really stressful week it was just what I needed.  First I have to tell you about my Friday night though.  It was our gym event called “Deadlifts and Dresses”.  It’s an annual event that’s just for the ladies (with one exception, our coach).  It was held at the gym and our one coach made it look beautiful.  There were tables set up and candles and tulle and lights.  It looked so pretty.  I had to work late and by the time I got home I literally had 20 min to get ready.  I curled my hair fast and picked a dress from my closet and got ready so fast.  I feel like the final product turned out pretty good.

all dolled up
all dolled up

There was also a photographer set up and we got some pictures taken.  We will each get a calendar with our photos on them.  The meal was amazing.  It was all different little finger foods.  Everything tasted amazing.  The best part was visiting with an amazing group of ladies.  We had a ton of fun.  J and C went out for dinner while I was gone.  They went for Chinese food since it’s really not one of my favourite meals.  They were both asleep on the couch when I got home.  It was super cute.

This morning I got up and dropped C at her Grandma’s as she is spending some time with her today and tonight.  I headed to the gym.  I was excited because I knew it was another Remembrance Wod and this time it would be partners.  I also knew my favourite partner would be there.  We kicked this workout’s ass for sure.  It was a good one.


It took us about30 minutes to finish it.  It was the kind that knocked me on my butt for a bit.  I had to lay back and catch my breath for awhile.  When I got home I got ready and headed to get my hair done.  I had some major roots to get touched up.  I had hoped to stretch it to closer to the wedding but it wasn’t happening.  I had to get them done.  I enjoyed a latte and a magazine and felt so pampered.  It was a nice treat.

I seriously think the latte tastes better in red cups
I seriously think the latte tastes better in red cups

I had another treat because one of my bestie’s met me at the mall and we met up for some shopping fun.  I lucked out and found some fun crops in Lululemon for a great deal.  It really felt like my lucky day.  I got a few other treats and then we went for dinner and had such a nice chat.  We also shared this delicious dessert.

gingerbread cake= heaven
gingerbread cake= heaven

It was a much needed day of pampering and good conversation with a good friend.  I managed to feel relaxed for awhile which is really what I needed.  I am flying solo today and am enjoying a nice night to myself watching a movie and making some notes on last minute wedding things I need to do.  I am hoping to get some stuff done around the house tomorrow that I have been avoiding.  I want to start the week feeling more organized so maybe the stress will feel a little lighter and when I get home from work I don’t feel stressed and can relax a little easier.

I loved today, and I am so glad I have another day to love before the weekend is over.  I hope you are having a great weekend too.  xoxo


How did you spend your Saturday?


What’s one thing you did to treat yourself today?






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