Productivity, a Run and Relaxation

Today has been pretty great. I was on my own last night and this morning and I took full advantage of it and slept in. When I got up I got some laundry in and went down to make myself a nice breakfast. I enjoyed that with my tea while listening to some mellow tunes including this one.

John Mayer covering Beyoncé? Perfect. I love this song. After my breakfast I got myself ready to head out for a run.

I had to bundle as it was chilly out today. I had a great 5km run. It felt good to be out there again. I wasn’t as fast as I had been but I was just going for distance as I’m still trying to get my lungs back up to speed.

After my run I went out to do groceries and get organized for the week. I did a couple wedding related errands as well. More to cross off my list. Then I picked up C and she had a friend over for the afternoon. I made a pot of chili and did some wedding projects.

C had swimming so it was time for some red cup goodness while I watched.

Tonight will include some more relaxing and A LOT of laundry folding. I have 5 loads waiting to be folded! Then it’s back to the real world for another week. I only have 7 more working days until I have a week off. I’m counting down friends.

How did you relax this weekend?

Did you run or workout today?


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