Willpowering Like a Boss

Monday didn’t start off great. I had trouble sleeping last night because my mind was racing with work thoughts. I was feeling really flustered and was cranky this morning. Work was busy but I made sure to leave on time to make it to my workout. With the schedule I have this week I wanted to get this in.

I was excited to wear my new lulu crops I got on sale this weekend.

Here’s a close up:

The workout was a long chipper with push press, sit ups, pull ups, manmakers etc. A bit of everything. I got it done in just under 30 minutes and was so glad I made it.

I got home and had just over an hour until I had to leave for an appointment. There is leftovers of my favourite Thai pizza I got this weekend and I was so tempted to have it because it would have been so easy and so delicious. But keeping in mind my wedding is 11 days away I made a shake from my meal plan. A piña colada shake. When I got home I was hungry and again the pizza called to me but instead I made a veggie plate for myself with a Greek yogurt dip I made.

I stuck to all my meals and snacks that I packed today. I’m trying to really watch my eating this week and stay on track. It’s taking some serious willpower.

How was your Monday?


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