The Home Stretch

Holy Crap it’s one week until my wedding!  This time next week I will already be married!  I am so excited I can’t even stand it.  I just want the time to fly by.  This week did go pretty quick because I was so incredibly busy.  Wednesday I made it to my usual class at CrossFit.  The wod was way tougher than it looked once I got started.  We started with some skill work and we worked on pistols.  I am happy to report I totally got them and was able to do some- only on the one leg could I get all the way down.  It felt pretty awesome because I haven’t been able to do them before.  I also got to rock my new tank Wednesday night and I got some compliments.

I love my lululemon
I love my lululemon

The wod:

EMOTM for 12 minutes

5 burpees

rest of the min thrusters (I used 12 lbs)

This was painful.  I found it really tough to catch my breath in between rounds.  My lungs aren’t what they were pre-pneumonia yet.  I went back to the doctor for my follow up and he thought it sounded better.  I do have a puffer now to use during workouts when I need it.

Thursday morning I got up and did a short workout just to get moving and get off to a good start.  I did a few rounds with squats, push ups and v-sits.  I also decided to finally take my progress pics for my coach and take my measurements and I was so excited to see the end result.  I say the end but it’s not, I have no intention of stopping now.


When I think about all the work and dedication that I put in I feel so proud of myself.  I didn’t miss out on anything.  I just thought about my food choices and decided if I REALLY wanted it or not.  I drank a lot less beer and alcohol over the summer, but I still indulged when I wanted to.  Having a meal plan to follow really helped me, and I also had a lot of support from my friends and family.


This is the thing I learned the most.  Just the workouts weren’t going to get me to my goal.  I had to look long and hard at my eating habits and make some changes.  I am so glad I did, not just because of the results physically but also with how I feel.  I FEEL healthier.  I also went from a weight of 137 to 122lbs.  Changes.  And people can see it and it feels pretty awesome.

Thursday evening I got home and had time to workout before J got home and was debating skipping it but a friend of mine texted me and said, don’t skip it.  She even texted me some workout ideas.  I ended up doing 300 squats and 200 sit ups and then did some arm work with my dumbbells.  I was glad I got it done.

Today I managed to get out of work on time to hit up CrossFit again.  Today’s was a killer!


5 rounds

1 min plate push

1 min wall sit

1 min squats

1 min plank

1 min push ups

1 min box step ups

I was really glad when that was over.  I plan to be back at it again tomorrow morning!  This weekend there is a ton for me to do.  I have a bunch of errands to do to get ready for the big day NEXT WEEK!

I hope you all had an amazing week!

What are you proud of lately?


How do you convince yourself to workout when you are feeling lazy?

I often text a friend who I know will tell me to get up and get to it.  it works!

1 min rest



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