Crossing it All Off the List

Friday night was really relaxing and a lot of fun.  Our best m’aam came over to hang out with me and we talked about wedding details and we were both so excited about how soon it is.  It was nice to be able to show her all the stuff I have prepared and explain all my plans.  We had a nice dinner and she brought us lattes.  After she left I watched Grey’s Anatomy and got caught up with them.  Our cats were so cute, they get along great and last night they were cuddling on the couch!!!


I. Can't. Even.
I. Can’t. Even.

I had a terrible sleep.  My mind is working overtime and I just couldn’t get to sleep.  At least I didn’t have to get up early.  When I got up and came downstairs, J got home shortly after and brought me a tea.  What a sweetheart.  I made myself some leftover sweet potato hash with egg on it and some turkey bacon.  The perfect pre workout meal.  I got ready for the gym and C and I headed out.  I wore my bride tank in honour of my last Saturday workout not married.


The workout was with partners and it was pretty killer.  There were two wods and the first one was brutal.  I liked the second one better.  My partner and I did awesome though.

WOD 1- 15 min AMRAP

15 wall ball

15 kettlebell swings

15 thrusters

15 double unders

15 slam balls

Working with a partner, one does the first movement and does the 15 reps, while the other did manmakers, then switch.  The total manmakers were tallied up.  We got to 60 something.

WOD 2- 15 min AMRAP

15 lunges

15 goblet squats

15 push ups

15 push press

15 box step ups

15 burpees

For this one the partner was doing sit ups- we got to 345 total.

I liked this workout because it had a lot of different movements in it.  The weights got heavy fast too.  I love starting off the day with a workout, it leaves me feeling so ready to face the day.  C and I then headed to Micheal’s and Target to get some things we needed and I could cross them off my list.  I got a few things covered off there.  Then we went home and I made us all tortilla pizzas, no picture because we ate them way too fast.

I then had to do some more errands after lunch and a shower, including a dress fitting.  There were a few more changes I want them to make to it.  I go back on Wednesday hopefully to pick it up!  I had to finalize the seating plan and send that in as well.  I made some serious progress on my to do list.  I am feeling pretty good about it.  I hope I can sleep better tonight.  I will be heading out for a little girls night in a couple of hours to celebrate a friend who is expecting a baby.

I think it will be good to get my mind off all the things stressing me out.  So much going on!

What was your Saturday workout?


Do you normally do a morning workout on Saturdays?





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