Back to the Grind

Today was back to work after a week off. The week was way too short and I wish I could have slowed down time a little. I definitely didn’t feel ready to go back but that’s life right? I struggled to get out of bed but we did pretty good falling back into our regular routine.

I had my morning shake and got ready for work in good time. C was very good and got herself ready without too much hassle and we started off the morning pretty smoothly.

Work was busy and I got out of there at a decent time. I hit up the 5:15 class at CrossFit and it was a much needed stress reliever. When I saw the wod I am not going to lie I wanted to turn right around and leave. So. Much. Rowing. But my friend and I unknowingly wore matching outfits so I couldn’t just leave. So I did what anyone else would do and took a selfie.

We started with a strength wod that was 5 sets of 5 front squats and in between 5 sets of 5 strict pull ups. We started with the hardest band and worked down as needed. I am proud to say I stayed with the hardest two bands and never had to go to the easiest one. Boom! For the front squats I worked up to 95 lbs.

1000 m row
50 squats
3 x 1 min planks
50 squats
500 m row

That was a tough wod for sure. The rowing killed me. I had a real tightness in what I thought was my calf so I stopped a couple times to roll it. Since I have been home though the whole side of my lower leg is so sore and locked up. It’s even moving into my foot. I did take one more selfie because I felt really strong today.

J and I planned a healthy dinner tonight because we have been really indulgent since the wedding. I’m talking one pound peanut butter cups indulgent. So he grilled us some salmon and I made some sweet potato tots and we had salad. It was nice to get some salad in my system.

The rest of the night included the usual married couple stuff, getting C ready for bed, doing dishes and J building Ikea furniture. As soon as our DIY project we have been working on is complete I will share it with you so you can all be as excited about it as I am.

Do you DIY?
I don’t which is why I’m even more excited to see it come together.


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