Hurting Hammies and Getting Organized

This weekend has been so wonderful.  I have loved every minute of it.  I am already getting the Sunday night blues as I sit and type this.  I got so much done and had so much fun.  Friday I went to CrossFit after work and happily discovered we were working on our deadlifts.  We did them in the strength workout and did 10 lifts.  We did them as deficit deadlifts, so I stood up on a 45 lb plate.  By being elevated it meant you had to reach lower for the bar.  It worked the hamstrings A LOT more and I am still feeling it today.  I worked up to 165 lbs and stopped there.  Then we did the wod which was nuts!  Basically it was 150 push ups but everytime you had to break, you did 10 squats.  I started with no knees and did regular push ups and did 25 of them before dropping to my knees.  My arms felt soooo jacked after.  So of course I had to take a selfie of my arms.

feeling the burn
feeling the burn

When I got home we got ready to go out and we went bowling.  C was pretty excited when I picked her up and told her were going bowling.  We had a blast and realized once we got there that on our one week Anniversary we were bowling just like we did on our very first date!  Awwwwwwww.  We then went for Yogurtys and filled up before we got home and went to bed.

Saturday morning we got up and C and I headed to the gym after breakfast.  It was a partner workout.  We started working on finding our 2 RM on our front squats.  We worked in partners sharing a rack and the catch was every time you went for a plate you had to do walking lunges and walk back with the plate overhead.  My already sore hammies were not a fan.  We worked the front squats and I managed to get a PR on my 2 RM and got 115 lbs.  The squats felt solid.  Then we got into the workout.


2000m row – one partner rows while the other wall sits

200 wall balls- one does wall balls while the other holds plank

100 burpees- one does burpees while the other holds chin to bar

This was tough.  There was a 20 minute time cap so we just got 21 burpees in.  The rowing was tough, and no one likes wall balls- do they?  I think I might hate them more than burpees.  Whaaaaat???

After we finished there I took C to get her hair cut.  Then she went to her Grandma’s house.  I got home and got showered and ate lunch.  I did some organizing and clean up around the house.  Then I did some errands including a Target trip.  I got some Christmas shopping done and then met my friend who was also our wedding photographer for a coffee and got a sneak peek of our wedding pictures!!!  It was so exciting and the ones I saw turned out SO good.  I can’t wait to see the rest.   Saturday night J and I met friends for dinner and then we played Euchre at their house.

This morning I got up and texted J (at work) and asked if he wanted to go for breakfast.  We went to one of our favourite places called The Harbour Diner.  Friends if you have never been here and live in the Hamilton area, you need to go.  They have the most amazing breakfast specials.  Today I had a hard time deciding between the Peanut Butter and Banana stuffed French toast, or the Asian Pulled Pork Benedict.  I went with the benedict and it was really yummy.  J got a seafood chowder benedict.  We both really enjoyed our breakfasts.  Then we did groceries on the way home.  The weather today was incredible!  It was up to 12 degrees this afternoon, so nice and mild.  Of course I had to take advantage and go for a run.

loving the weather
loving the weather

It was nice to be out.  I managed to do 5 km and felt like I could have kept going, but I haven’t been running as often lately and still have sore hammies so I thought I better not push it.

This afternoon after I got home I put away some laundry and did some more laundry.  J was in charge of dinner and I am pretty excited about it.  Then I finished up our DIY project I mentioned we have been working on.  I saw a bunch of different examples on Pinterest which is where we got our inspiration and we made it happen.  Check it out!

we made a mudroom!!!
we made a mudroom!!!

We have always had chaos in our entrance way and this makes it so much more organized now!  I am pretty excited about it.  Now… how long can we keep it this clean?  I guess we will soon find out.  I will make another post that tells you how we made this in case you love it so much you want to do it too!  PS- can you spot the kitten photobomb?!

Wallballs- love them or hate them?

I do NOT enjoy them.

DIY- are you good at it? 

I normally am not but maybe I am turning a corner?




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