2014: The Highlights

Where do I even start with 2014.  It was an AMAZING year for me and my family.  Sure there were some bumps, some pretty big ones, but we got through them together and our love grew even more.  Here are some of the highlights in photos.

A new addition- my niece was born.
A new addition- my niece was born.
making my girl's dreams come true- seeing Keith Urban.
making my girl’s dreams come true- seeing Keith Urban.
An amazing trip to Costa Rica with amazing friends.
An amazing trip to Costa Rica with amazing friends.
I got engaged!
I got engaged!
Birthday celebrations with this girl.  xoxo
Birthday celebrations with this girl. xoxo
This girl came to visit!!!
This girl came to visit!!!
Montreal- Tough Mudder with some amazing ladies
Montreal- Tough Mudder with some amazing ladies
engagement photo shoot
engagement photo shoot
My bachelorette!  What an amazing group of ladies.
My bachelorette! What an amazing group of ladies.
Our Stag and Doe with the best wedding party!  what a great team!
Our Stag and Doe with the best wedding party! what a great team!
major progress.  I am so proud of myself.
major progress. I am so proud of myself.
my absolute dream of a wedding
my absolute dream of a wedding
our familymoon
our familymoon

So many amazing memories in 2014.  It just makes me all the more excited for 2015.  May your hearts be full of love.  WIshing you all health, happiness and so much love for 2015. xoxox














Back to Normal-ish

Christmas is a great opportunity to visit with loved ones and spend time over meals and sweets and drinks and it’s nice and all but it’s also really nice to get back to normal life. After an amazing four days off it was tough getting up and ready to go back to work on Monday. I felt a lot like this kid.

After I finally dragged myself out of bed and headed down for a shake and my shower I was greeted by these two friends.

I had a busy workday and headed to the gym. I went to a later class and there was just two of us. We started with some heavy back squats where I worked up to 2 at 135 lbs. I tried for 145 lbs but just did one and chickened out on the second. Then we did the wod and my legs were burning by the end of it.

4 rounds
1 min plate push
1 min slow push ups
1 min box step ups

I rocked those push ups. I did them super slow and didn’t drop to my knees at all. Not. Even. Once. My coach was super impressed with them and said they were probably my best push ups to date. I’m thinking my success had to do with my new amazing pants.


Today was another busy work day and I actually stayed pretty late. Since C is away I was able to head to the gym again. I was glad because I won’t make it there again until the weekend. There was no strength wod today, we went straight to the workout and it was a team wod.

Row 3200 m
100 pull ups
200 push ups
300 squats
Sit ups/ wall holds

Basically the first person works on rowing while the next starts the pull ups and the next does sit ups. Then you rotate through for all the movements. We got it all done just under 25 minutes. My legs and arms were already feeling the burn after last nights so tonight I am definitely needing my friend the foam roller. When I finally got home and got organized it was a late dinner and we opted for breakfast for dinner.

I then did some laundry, wrote some wedding thank you’s and watched the final episode of 90 day fiancé which I found pretty disappointing. Poor J is under the weather so hopefully he’s feeling better tomorrow for our New Year’s Celebrations.

Happy last day of 2014!!’

How are you celebrating New Year’s Eve?
We have a stag and doe to attend.

Four Glorious Days

Having the last four days off has been wonderful. We’ve enjoyed lots of Christmas feasting. I snuck a run in on Boxing Day when I got up before our family lunch. It felt so good to move and get some exercise. That day we had two meals to feast on.

Saturday I hosted my family at our house and we had such a nice time. After everyone left I decided I wanted to go for a run again. I headed into town and did an amazing 3km run. I really wanted to do more but it was getting dark so I headed home. I finished with a Tabata of push ups and plank. J and I decided to go to see a movie but when we got to the parking lot it was so packed we just went to a pub for a bit and then went home and watched the 90 day fiancé weddings.

This morning I got up and went to the gym for the first time in almost a week. It felt amazing!

I did the workout that they did yesterday and I loved it. It was an open gym so the rest of the people there were lifting.

22 min AMRAP
800 m run
21 push press
40 sit ups
400 m run
15 push press
30 burpees
200 m run

I got through one round and then did a second 800 m run before the time went on the clock. Then I did 40-30-20-10 sit ups with planks in between.

For the afternoon I went to the mall to do some shopping and get some Boxing Day deals. I did really well and got some really nice stuff. Here’s a sample of my purchases.

I’m really excited about those tights. I got them at lululemon on sale, same with the jacket. Now J and I are heading to play bingo. I’m pretty excited because I haven’t played in ages.

Did you get any workouts in over the holidays?

Did you go Boxing Day shopping?

So Full of Christmas Joy

Merry Christmas friends! If you would have asked me a week ago how I felt about Christmas I would have sounded like a real Scrooge. I typically find Christmas stressful. All the build up and prep to me seems like a lot of work. But when it’s come and it’s here it’s so worth it.

We spent Christmas Eve at my sisters new house which is so beautiful and they made us the most delicious meal. The night before that was at my sister in laws and we had turkey and her amazing cornbread sausage stuffing. Today we had a wonderful Christmas morning just the three of us and then we had French toast, sausage and bacon for breakfast.

Then we went to J’s grandparents for lunch and we had another awesome meal and did our fun gift exchange. After lunch C went to spend the night with her grandma and as per tradition I spent some time with these ladies and helped out with chores.

After chores J and I have a tradition of going for shwarma which started on our first Christmas together after a search of what was open on Christmas Day. We went downtown and returned to our favourite place and it was the same guy working as last year. When I paid I left a pretty hefty tip because I was thinking of how he was working instead of spending the evening with his family. His face when I told him to keep the change was so worth it. That’s what really made me feel the Christmas spirit.

Hug your loved ones xoxo

The Struggle is Real

It’s been such a crazy few days/ weeks over here that I am pulling my newly trimmed hair out.  I was in and out of work all weekend and I had so much Christmas prep to do.  I really need to stop leaving things to the last minute.  Christmas finally happened with a tree and some wrapping over the weekends.  I even hung a wreath up (in lieu of Christmas lights).  Turns out getting married is really time consuming.  I will be happy when the holidays are done and we can just get back to regular life with our regular routine.

better late than never

The craziness at work and real life has also made it difficult to make it to the gym.  I went Sunday and did the bootcamp and struggled during the whole time.  I felt tired and heavy and gross.  I went yesterday after work and it will likely be the last class I make it to for this week and possibly into next week as well.

We started with strength and did 5 sets of 10 back squats, I kept it really light because my knees and hips felt super tight and sore.  In between sets we did 5 sets of 5 pull ups.  I usually can use the red band and get through them easy but I found it so hard yesterday.  I am feeling out of shape and it’s super discouraging.  I believe a lot of it has to do with how I have been eating the last week or so.  I haven’t been prepping and am either overindulging on treats and sweets or I am not eating enough on other days because I am busy.  I know my body feels best when I am consistent with my 5 balanced meals a day and I can’t wait for the chaos to be over and I can start meal planning and prepping again like a boss.



12 min- EMOTM

7 burpees

odd- thrusters (I used 55 lbs)

even- air squats

This was killer for me with all the burpees.  The up and down was so sore for my hips so I ended up doing a burpee on the box to modify them.

When I got home I made dinner and we put up our tree and got some baking together for our dinners we are attending.  It’s going to be a busy few days and the 5 consecutive Christmas Dinners start tonight.  Let the eating continue.  My goal is to try and stick to my usual healthier meals for breakfast and lunches and enjoy the dinners.  Let’s hope I can.  Then in the New Year no more excuses I will get back to eating clean and training hard.

Hope you are all ready for the holidays!

Do you have a lot of dinners planned for the week?

How do you celebrate Christmas?

So. Much. To. Do

Wow what a week I had. I sadly didn’t make it to the gym much at all and didn’t have much time to relax or draft any posts. Work has been absolutely nuts. Add Christmas and the fact that it is just around the corner and it’s chaos up in here.

Wednesday I managed to get up a little earlier and do an ab workout before I started work. I was rocking one of my current favourite songs and working on those abs.

The next couple days were just nuts and there was no getting in to the gym with the later work nights. Friday I had planned to go but I was concerned about getting all my Christmas shopping done so instead I went and did a couple of errands. We had plans with friends for dinner and went for sushi. I was stuffed and we fell asleep watching a mystery. It was a crazy Friday night friends.

This morning I got up earlier and went to the early bootcamp at the gym because we had a family lunch to attend so my usual class wouldn’t allow me to be ready in time. The workout was a really good one and it was much needed for me after a stressful week. It was a team workout with 4 of us.

P1- wall sit for 1 min
P2- plate push
P3- plank
P4- 150 front squats
100 push press
75 body rows
50 ball slams

After the workout I decided I needed some more me time and went to get my nails done so I would have them pretty for the holidays. We had a family lunch and then I did some more errands. I picked up some picture frames and this evening we got some wedding photos set up and I think they look so pretty.

We also managed to get a little bit of baking done. I do 3 different treats every year and I got two of them done tonight with J’s help.

I have to get up REALLY early tomorrow to go into work so it’s not going to be a late night for me. I’m hoping to make it to a bootcamp class and we are planning to so some Christmas decorations as well.

I hope you are all having a great weekend.

Do you do Christmas baking?

12 Days Of Christmas and a Familymoon

I realize it’s been awhile since I have posted something on here.  I do have very good reason for that.  We went on our Familymoon and it was wonderful.  We went away to celebrate our wedding and unwind together as a family and it was so nice.  We went to a resort in Montego Bay that was called Sunset Beach Waterpark and Spa.  It was a ton of fun, with lots to do as a family, including some pretty awesome water slides.  I am not great at “having fun” sometimes so I am so thankful for J for getting me to let loose a little and be a big kid on the waterslides and in the pool.

We swam, slid, played cards, watched some shows and did A LOT of eating.  Man, the food was so good.  It was a GIANT buffet with so many options at every meal.  We were all able to find food we liked, including C who I thought was a pickier eater than she was on the trip.

just the three of us.
just the three of us.

The weather wasn’t perfect for us but we found lots to do regardless.  It was nice to just be together, away from the daily stresses of work and school and all there is to do at home.  It was the perfect escape.  C was SO happy and she had so much fun.  It brought so much happiness to see her so excited to be there and enjoy herself so much.  We got off to a rough start with our flight which ended up being turned around after having to circle for over two hours in the air.  We got there much later in the day than we were supposed to which was a bummer.  C was a little worried this vacation wasn’t going to happen, but that was all forgotten once we got there.

pure joy
pure joy

The resort had a gym which wasn’t bad.  I managed to go three mornings and get a nice workout in. I did some cardio sprints on the treadmill and then did my own circuits with body weight exercises and dumbbells.  I was glad I was able to get some workouts in to keep my anxiety down and feeling good.  There was also the most delicious cocktails to keep our spirits up as well.

sippin' on a Jamaican smile
sippin’ on a Jamaican smile

We got home pretty late last night, or really early this morning really.  It was a work day for me and I went in just a little late, but still had a full work day ahead of me.  I was lucky enough to make it to CrossFit after work which I hadn’t expected I would.  Thankfully I did because it may just be the only time I get in this week.  Those of us that missed the workout from the weekend had that weekend to do and it’s one of my most dreaded and loved workouts of the year.  It’s the 12 Days of Christmas workout.  Basically it’s done just like the song, where you do the first movement, the 2 of the second, then 3 of the third but each time repeating the movements from before.  The whole wod took me just over 34 minutes.

welcome back to me
welcome back to me

It was quite the workout to return to.  I used 105 lbs for my deadlift and used 45 lbs for the other lifts.  I was the last one done, but luckily I have such an awesome gym family I had my peeps cheering me on.  After the gym we had to get some groceries because the cupboards were bare.  Dinner was a chicken stir fry and all my snack and lunch prep is done for tomorrow.  It’s time to get back on track after a week of major indulgence.

I hope everyone is doing well and getting in the holiday spirit.  To be honest Christmas has been the last thing on my mind but I think I need to get my spirit on.  This weekend we will likely focus on getting ready for Christmas.  With the wedding , and work being so crazy and then being away we just haven’t had the time to focus on anything else really.

Talk soon!

Are you in the Christmas spirit?

Have you got any vacations planned to get away?

J and I have another exciting trip planned for the New Year I will speak about in another post.