Long Annoying Days

Monday was a real bitch to me this week.  It started off ok, except I was just SO tired and it was SO hard to get out of bed.  But I pushed through and the real storm started as I was leaving work.  I was on track to leave on time and then in real Monday fashion 8 thousand things came up just as I was leaving.  I was rushed, my hands were full and I had to stop in and grab a box to take with me to our meeting offsite the next day.  My hands were full so I put my water in my laptop bag.  Yep- I put my WATER in my LAPTOP bag.  Not a smart idea.  I dropped all my stuff in my car and went to the gym.  As I went to grab my water bottle I noticed the lid was off it.  Which led me to notice it had spilled all over my bag and all over my laptop.  In a panicked state I called our IT department and was instructed to take the battery out and just leave it alone.  Which for anyone who knows me well knows is torture  because I am the most impatient person I know and I had to just wait to see if it would work.  The gym was a nice distraction and the workout was a great one.

We started with strength and we did 5 sets of 5 back squats.  I worked with a friend of mine I have known since I started there, and we worked up to 115 lbs for 5.  It felt good and I was feeling strong.  I think I could have increased and made it a PR but I stopped there.  Then we moved onto the WOD:

4 rounds

1 min plate push

1 min slam balls

1 min box steps

1 min push press

1 min rest

I used 55 lbs for my push press which got heavy for a minute but I managed to bang off about 12-15 each of the four rounds.

When I got home I was texting with a friend’s husband about my computer and I was getting really stressed about it.  It caused me to not have such a great night.  Then something amazing happened.  J went and picked up our cd of photos from our photographer!!!

he's just the best.
he’s just the best.

So my home computer doesn’t take cd’s.  My work computer clearly wasn’t going to work, so J went across and got his Mom’s laptop, which is also damaged and had a big green smudge across the screen.  We were able to look at them anyway but it wasn’t the perfect glimpse of them.  I loved them.  SO SO SO SO much.  Here’s onee I took from her website to show off until I get ours uploaded.

just the three of us
just the three of us

Then our photography posted a beautiful one to her instagram which I reposted on mine.


The pictures just make me so happy.  Honestly, it was like a dream that day so I love looking at the photos and reliving it.  I will likely be overloading you for awhile with new ones.  Especially once I have them all uploaded.

Tuesday and today I worked offsite and attended meetings.  I was surrounded by goodies and treats all day.  It was hard to avoid them and I allowed myself to indulge a little.  I am trying to learn moderation and balance.  So far so good.  Today is a regular gym day but since I was offisite I didn’t get back in time to make my usual class.  I decided to go to the mall and cross a task off my to do list.  I ordered some pants from the Gap on a black Friday deal and I ordered what I thought was a size smaller as I have noticed that my pants are all pretty baggy and frumpy looking since my weight loss.  However when I got them (on Monday) which was SO quick by the way, I tried them on and they felt loose.  I checked the size of my old ones and I bought the same size!  So I went today and traded them in for a smaller size.  Thankfully they had both pairs in my size.

When I got home I had about half an hour until I had to go pick C up from her Grandmother’s house.  I really wanted to just chill for a bit but I wouldn’t let myself.  I knew I would feel better if I worked out and got sweaty.  I put together this workout.

IMG_7422I almost stopped at 3 rounds but I didn’t let myself, I forced myself to stick with it and do two more rounds and got an amazing workout in.  It’s so easy to quit or to not even start, I try to look forward and remember how I feel AFTER and I know it will be worth it.  Consistency is so important too if any progress is going to be made.  I need to just remember that.  After I finished I went and picked up C and got her in the shower and to bed etc and I made myself dinner.

eat your veggies
eat your veggies

I just threw some sweet potatoes in with some kale salad and bam dinner was served.  I had snacked on some chicken in the car on the way home from the mall as well.  The rest of the night will be spent relaxing which personally I think is well deserved.


How has your week been so far?


How do you push yourself to work out when you aren’t feeling it?





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