How Did I Get So Lucky?

Today was nuts. I was so so busy and left work late. I had just enough time to swing home and change for the gym before I picked up C. Normally Thursdays are Brownies but not this week so I got to go to the gym. C came with me and she had fun hanging out with everyone. She’s a regular with me so everyone knows her and she’s right at home.

We did some strength work first and we picked a lift we wanted to work on. I picked push press and worked to 95 lbs. I tried for 105 a couple times and was close but it wasn’t happening today. I brought the bar down pretty hard on my collarbone and am sporting a nice bump and what I’m assuming will be a sweet bruise.

P1- row 200 m
P2- plank
P3- wallsit
P4- work on wod

100 sits ups
100 squats
100 push press
100 box steps with high knees

Basically in teams of 4, while the one team member rows the others do as above with one of them starting the Sit ups. When the 200 m is up they rotate to the next movement and the person starting sit ups starts where the other partner left off. I used 55lbs for my push press. We finished two rounds of the movements and it took us just over 30 minutes. I love wods like this with the team and it’s like a circuit. They are my favourite kind.

After the workout it was about 730 by the time we got home. C had eaten while we were at the gym and I came home to find J in the throws of meal prep. Within 10 minutes of being home my dinner was served and it was this tastiness.

The pork chop was perfectly cooked and everything was so delicious. After dinner we got cleaned up and J prepped the dinner for tomorrow night which I will throw in the slow cooker for us. My parents will be here and I am making us ribs.

I’m so lucky that J likes to cook and makes us so many tasty meals. I am definitely a lucky lady. Sorry ladies, he’s mine!

Are you lucky to have a spouse that likes to cook?

What’s one exciting thing you have planned for this weekend?


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