Finally Friday!!!!!!

We made it friends! We got through the week and it’s Friday evening and I’m sitting with my feet up under a blanket. It was a busy day. We have a big event tomorrow for work that my team and I organized so even though technically it’s Friday it’s still kind if a work night for me.

It was a busy day but I did manage to get out on time and make it to CrossFit. Fridays = deadlifts which makes me happy. We did reps of 3 and I worked up to 155 lbs. I was quite happy with it.

EMOTM- 12 minutes
2 hang power cleans
5 front squats
2 push press

I used 65 lbs to start but after about 4 rounds I dropped to 55 lbs. It got heavy really quick. It was an awesome workout.

When I got home my parents were at our house and they gave us an early Christmas present which is going to come in handy next week.

We had a nice night visiting and my Mom and I looked through our wedding photos. It’s going to be so hard to choose which ones to get printed and in our book. I plan on getting a book made and some to frame as well. Right now we are trying to decide on our thank you card. Looking through the photos makes me so happy. I love reliving every moment.

I found this quote and feel like it rings so true.

And finally before I sign off I will leave you with this amazing photo of our kitten.

Cute right?!

Happy Friday everyone!!


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