12 Days Of Christmas and a Familymoon

I realize it’s been awhile since I have posted something on here.  I do have very good reason for that.  We went on our Familymoon and it was wonderful.  We went away to celebrate our wedding and unwind together as a family and it was so nice.  We went to a resort in Montego Bay that was called Sunset Beach Waterpark and Spa.  It was a ton of fun, with lots to do as a family, including some pretty awesome water slides.  I am not great at “having fun” sometimes so I am so thankful for J for getting me to let loose a little and be a big kid on the waterslides and in the pool.

We swam, slid, played cards, watched some shows and did A LOT of eating.  Man, the food was so good.  It was a GIANT buffet with so many options at every meal.  We were all able to find food we liked, including C who I thought was a pickier eater than she was on the trip.

just the three of us.
just the three of us.

The weather wasn’t perfect for us but we found lots to do regardless.  It was nice to just be together, away from the daily stresses of work and school and all there is to do at home.  It was the perfect escape.  C was SO happy and she had so much fun.  It brought so much happiness to see her so excited to be there and enjoy herself so much.  We got off to a rough start with our flight which ended up being turned around after having to circle for over two hours in the air.  We got there much later in the day than we were supposed to which was a bummer.  C was a little worried this vacation wasn’t going to happen, but that was all forgotten once we got there.

pure joy
pure joy

The resort had a gym which wasn’t bad.  I managed to go three mornings and get a nice workout in. I did some cardio sprints on the treadmill and then did my own circuits with body weight exercises and dumbbells.  I was glad I was able to get some workouts in to keep my anxiety down and feeling good.  There was also the most delicious cocktails to keep our spirits up as well.

sippin' on a Jamaican smile
sippin’ on a Jamaican smile

We got home pretty late last night, or really early this morning really.  It was a work day for me and I went in just a little late, but still had a full work day ahead of me.  I was lucky enough to make it to CrossFit after work which I hadn’t expected I would.  Thankfully I did because it may just be the only time I get in this week.  Those of us that missed the workout from the weekend had that weekend to do and it’s one of my most dreaded and loved workouts of the year.  It’s the 12 Days of Christmas workout.  Basically it’s done just like the song, where you do the first movement, the 2 of the second, then 3 of the third but each time repeating the movements from before.  The whole wod took me just over 34 minutes.

welcome back to me
welcome back to me

It was quite the workout to return to.  I used 105 lbs for my deadlift and used 45 lbs for the other lifts.  I was the last one done, but luckily I have such an awesome gym family I had my peeps cheering me on.  After the gym we had to get some groceries because the cupboards were bare.  Dinner was a chicken stir fry and all my snack and lunch prep is done for tomorrow.  It’s time to get back on track after a week of major indulgence.

I hope everyone is doing well and getting in the holiday spirit.  To be honest Christmas has been the last thing on my mind but I think I need to get my spirit on.  This weekend we will likely focus on getting ready for Christmas.  With the wedding , and work being so crazy and then being away we just haven’t had the time to focus on anything else really.

Talk soon!

Are you in the Christmas spirit?

Have you got any vacations planned to get away?

J and I have another exciting trip planned for the New Year I will speak about in another post.


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