So. Much. To. Do

Wow what a week I had. I sadly didn’t make it to the gym much at all and didn’t have much time to relax or draft any posts. Work has been absolutely nuts. Add Christmas and the fact that it is just around the corner and it’s chaos up in here.

Wednesday I managed to get up a little earlier and do an ab workout before I started work. I was rocking one of my current favourite songs and working on those abs.

The next couple days were just nuts and there was no getting in to the gym with the later work nights. Friday I had planned to go but I was concerned about getting all my Christmas shopping done so instead I went and did a couple of errands. We had plans with friends for dinner and went for sushi. I was stuffed and we fell asleep watching a mystery. It was a crazy Friday night friends.

This morning I got up earlier and went to the early bootcamp at the gym because we had a family lunch to attend so my usual class wouldn’t allow me to be ready in time. The workout was a really good one and it was much needed for me after a stressful week. It was a team workout with 4 of us.

P1- wall sit for 1 min
P2- plate push
P3- plank
P4- 150 front squats
100 push press
75 body rows
50 ball slams

After the workout I decided I needed some more me time and went to get my nails done so I would have them pretty for the holidays. We had a family lunch and then I did some more errands. I picked up some picture frames and this evening we got some wedding photos set up and I think they look so pretty.

We also managed to get a little bit of baking done. I do 3 different treats every year and I got two of them done tonight with J’s help.

I have to get up REALLY early tomorrow to go into work so it’s not going to be a late night for me. I’m hoping to make it to a bootcamp class and we are planning to so some Christmas decorations as well.

I hope you are all having a great weekend.

Do you do Christmas baking?


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