The Struggle is Real

It’s been such a crazy few days/ weeks over here that I am pulling my newly trimmed hair out.  I was in and out of work all weekend and I had so much Christmas prep to do.  I really need to stop leaving things to the last minute.  Christmas finally happened with a tree and some wrapping over the weekends.  I even hung a wreath up (in lieu of Christmas lights).  Turns out getting married is really time consuming.  I will be happy when the holidays are done and we can just get back to regular life with our regular routine.

better late than never

The craziness at work and real life has also made it difficult to make it to the gym.  I went Sunday and did the bootcamp and struggled during the whole time.  I felt tired and heavy and gross.  I went yesterday after work and it will likely be the last class I make it to for this week and possibly into next week as well.

We started with strength and did 5 sets of 10 back squats, I kept it really light because my knees and hips felt super tight and sore.  In between sets we did 5 sets of 5 pull ups.  I usually can use the red band and get through them easy but I found it so hard yesterday.  I am feeling out of shape and it’s super discouraging.  I believe a lot of it has to do with how I have been eating the last week or so.  I haven’t been prepping and am either overindulging on treats and sweets or I am not eating enough on other days because I am busy.  I know my body feels best when I am consistent with my 5 balanced meals a day and I can’t wait for the chaos to be over and I can start meal planning and prepping again like a boss.



12 min- EMOTM

7 burpees

odd- thrusters (I used 55 lbs)

even- air squats

This was killer for me with all the burpees.  The up and down was so sore for my hips so I ended up doing a burpee on the box to modify them.

When I got home I made dinner and we put up our tree and got some baking together for our dinners we are attending.  It’s going to be a busy few days and the 5 consecutive Christmas Dinners start tonight.  Let the eating continue.  My goal is to try and stick to my usual healthier meals for breakfast and lunches and enjoy the dinners.  Let’s hope I can.  Then in the New Year no more excuses I will get back to eating clean and training hard.

Hope you are all ready for the holidays!

Do you have a lot of dinners planned for the week?

How do you celebrate Christmas?


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