So Full of Christmas Joy

Merry Christmas friends! If you would have asked me a week ago how I felt about Christmas I would have sounded like a real Scrooge. I typically find Christmas stressful. All the build up and prep to me seems like a lot of work. But when it’s come and it’s here it’s so worth it.

We spent Christmas Eve at my sisters new house which is so beautiful and they made us the most delicious meal. The night before that was at my sister in laws and we had turkey and her amazing cornbread sausage stuffing. Today we had a wonderful Christmas morning just the three of us and then we had French toast, sausage and bacon for breakfast.

Then we went to J’s grandparents for lunch and we had another awesome meal and did our fun gift exchange. After lunch C went to spend the night with her grandma and as per tradition I spent some time with these ladies and helped out with chores.

After chores J and I have a tradition of going for shwarma which started on our first Christmas together after a search of what was open on Christmas Day. We went downtown and returned to our favourite place and it was the same guy working as last year. When I paid I left a pretty hefty tip because I was thinking of how he was working instead of spending the evening with his family. His face when I told him to keep the change was so worth it. That’s what really made me feel the Christmas spirit.

Hug your loved ones xoxo


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